What happened to Ebola? Was it cured?

Mudassir Ali
Mar 11, 2020 11:08 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 11, 2020 11:08 AM

Ebola is not cured, rather the outbreak that got a lot of attention has ended. It’s back to it’s baseline infectivity, basically.

What caused it to have that massive outbreak is fascinating though. Usually Ebola has a fatality rate of 80%. However, the virus mutated[1] in such a way that it was slightly less lethal to its hosts – 60% mortality rate. This seems counter intuitive, ben when Ebola is less lethal, it becomes far more dangerous.

If it kills its hosts in a matter of days, then, well, the host is dead and the virus will die off too. Unless you’re handling the corpse, you will not be infected by a dead body. However, if Ebola has a longer incubation period (the time when the virus is not showing symptoms), then the host is up, walking around, shaking hands with people, etc. There is a higher chance that someone will spread Ebola to someone else before they show symptoms.

Once symptoms begin, they will be hospitalized, vomiting and bleeding everywhere, and gruesomely dying. At this point, they’ll be quarantined or at least isolated in the hospital where the only people they interact with are nurses, doctors, and researchers who are (hopefully) wearing hazmat suits and taking every precaution to not be infected.

So, what now? Usually there are efforts going on to generally keep Ebola at bay, but in 2013, this extra infectious strain scared the shit out of the international community, so there were more efforts and media attention about Ebola. Now, if I had to guess, the 60% mortality rate guy mutated again[2] and is now more lethal once more. Blood borne viruses mutate a lot. They can’t decide what the f*ck they want to do in life, I guess.

If anyone knows the specific gene that mutated and its new expression, feel free to let me know. I may ask you questions about its protein expression and we can make inferences about how this lowered the mortality rate. Thanks!
If anyone has more information specifically about this strain nowadays, hmu. I like to keep tabs on my boi (Phage gang 4 lyfe).

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