What happened when the American economy collapsed?


What happened when the American economy collapsed?

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  1. Originally Answered: What will happen if the American economy collapses?
    A serious economic collapse beyond what we saw a few years ago, might force a serious restructuring of the United States. There are regions in the US that have strong economies that could still do well without the unusual trade advantages the US now enjoys. One of the first things to go in a serious collapse might be those trade advantages and the status of the dollar as a reserve currency.

    If the US was seen as a failed state and economy, I think the world would tend to become more nationalistic and there would be a lot of posturing to obtain status on the world stage because of the vacuum that would be created.

  2. Originally Answered: What happens when the American economy collapses?
    Less than what would happen in the event of a major asteroid impact – but still a bit of a blow to many – especially those in the lower tiers of society. With Trump removing safety nets, killing Obama-care and ripping away fiscal safeguards – all while piling on more debt than we can afford (Under Trump the cost to service the National Debt is now more than we spend for the military) – the bottom 90% are looking at a long time in purgatory.

    The good news is that they will not be alone. If the American economy collapsed – and by that I say it has collapsed if the value of all assets go to zero, banks are completely wiped out, stocks of all major companies worthless, hyper-inflation making us want to move to Argentina – then the rest of the world is in even worse shape.

    It might be good for humanity if a Unified World Government were to emerge and people were forced to work together and cooperate instead of the current perpetual posturing but no action on solving real problems. At least with economic collapse we would not take funding from the military to build a wall with our neighbors – just as the numbers of illegal border crossings has dwindled. Ironically – it will not stop, but may actually increase the numbers of refugees seeking to enter the US if conditions around the world have collapsed sooner.

  3. I watched that video and others. More than once

    The collapse of the American Economy has already started. But it is not a sudden sharp drop. It is more like a kids rollercoaster that slowly starts to get faster and the dips get bigger until it goes down and there are no brakes and no station.

    It should be noted that World War 3 has already started too. It is the war on Terrorism. Capitalism is a criminal enterprise and war is it’s chief export. Terrorism is a side-effect that is made possible by war. War requires Espionage and it creates the conditions for criminals to thrive in.

    Debt needs war because no other institution outside of the slave trade sucks up so much capital so fast and uses so many resources in such a cannibalistic manner. The American economy was built on debt and slavery. Neither one is sustainable and every great civilization has learned that the hard way.

    Those who refuse to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it.

  4. Originally Answered: What happens when the American economy collapses?
    The whole World goes to hell! But it’s very unlikely that America will collapse since it has more power and more resources than the rest of the world! If America collapses than Europe will collapse before it! Yes America will collapse in a few decades like for example in 2030 or 2050 but before that happens Europe will be completely gone and China will have lost 50% of its population! So if America is headed soon for a collapse than its allies and its enemies will collapse faster than America! Why? Well America is the least corrupt country in the world despite Americans believing otherwise! So if America is becoming bad and can’t continue much longer than that means that Europe has already collapsed and China is already facing huge major problems! Why? Because the economies are strongly tied together hence why the World can afford to have 7.5 Billion people living on Earth! The World can only sustain 700 Million people with Traditional ways of survival!

  5. Everyone would be crying but life goes on. No one except the elite few would collapse with it. We don’t born with debt but many would die with tons of debt left behind. As the movie suggested, tax payers, captive stocks, Citizen Ken, that’s who we are. Enslaved by a system created less than a few hundred years ago but will burden all generations to the infinity and beyond. To be debt free is to be without wants and cravings for luxuries. Life is to live whether you are in poverty or luxury. The rich prey on the poor so they can be richer. Survival of the fittest. Mark Z of FB just pledged billions but that’s a drop in the bucket to right the wrongs of Wall Street when Wall Street has become Main Street. Who doesn’t have debt? Student Loan, Car Loan, Credit Card, Mortgage? I owe, I owe, It’s off to work I go. Unemployment is inevitable when we humans are replaced by robots. All we are good for with all these free time on hand is to make love and more babies. Population is at an all time high and growing. Yet, we all laugh at those making an effort to curb it such as the Chinese “One child policy” until they abolish the mandate. Catholic churches have been adamant about no contraceptives and against abortion. “Wag the dog” was a great movie about when all else failed, start a war. True Freedom only comes when we are free of debt. Where is the exit?

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