What happens to unserved airline food?

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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 18, 2020 04:39 PM

I was sleeping in between my cousins(they both were male, one 14,other 15 and i was female and 14) and i woke up to a tickle to find out they had undressed me and were fondling my boobs and fingering my vagina while doing all other dirty things except for penetration and i was shocked! I sat up and removed the blanket we 3 were in to find out i was fully naked and they didn’t had anything on on thier lower side because of which i could see their genitals. They quickly covered themselves up while i was still sitting naked legs open as they left them and sore breasts which hurted a lot trying to figure out what was going on. They were covering themselves trying to continue what they were doing to naked me. Without thinking, i just asked them what they were doing, why were they raping me, why was sitting there naked despite being a girl and they were covering themselves rather than covering and protecting me, why did my breasts hurt so bad, etc, etc. They didn’t speak a word, just wore their clothes back, covered me, gave me back my clothes and told me wear them back and we’ll talk about it later some day. I said first answer me what were you doing to me and why was i naked and they half naked. They said “look we were just playing with you and nothing much”. I asked why my boobs hurt. They said that they were pressing my boobs since long. I asked them did you go into me and took my virginity and they said no, it was just a finger and not their organ. By now I had put my clothes back on. I moved a bit and my vagina hurted. I told them and asked why and they said they were fingering it since long as well. All i did after that was i slapped them while i was crying since so long. I asked they how dare they and ordered them to get out of my room which i had decided to share with them for the night since they were my cousins. I sitting there naked and they covered themselves instead of me was the most embarrassing thing.

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