What has a cop said that left you completely dumbfounded?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 06, 2020 03:15 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 06, 2020 03:15 PM

I’ve been pulled over five times in my entire adult life, and all in the same frickin year! Three were by the same cop (I almost reported him for harassment ).
Let me clarify that only once (!!) have I ever gotten a ticket. And he was scrambling for it.

The first time was after my first date with my now-husband. He’d walked me to my car, and took off towards his in a different lot. As I took off to go home, I realized that I was going right by it, and stopped to pick him up to drive him to the other lot where his car was. The cop must have seen me pick him up at the corner, and pulled me over in the parking lot probably 50ft. away.

So I’m over here freaked out and mortified that I got pulled over the first time I drive this hot dude I’d just gone out with. I can’t find my paperwork, and the cop is being pretty brusque.

Cop, to my date: Why aren’t you helping her find them??

My date: Um, because I’ve never been in this car before!

Me, apologizing profusely and scared out of my wits: I’m so sorry I’ve never needed them before I’m so sorry-

Turns out the cop thought we were fighting and wanted too make sure I was okay??? I was like, dude, it’s our first date! He did apologize though, and told us to have a good night. It’s a funny story to tell, now.

Second time was a cop pulling me over because I had to slam on my breaks to avoid running a red. That was a short yellow light! He too, wanted to “make sure I was okay,” and let me off without even a warning.

Third, fourth, AND fifth time- was the same cop, in three drastically different locations! A state cop, older guy, rude and frankly kinda creepy for a then 18 year old girl.
Now it was late each time, past the “curfew” in my state for drivers with an intermediate license (stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of), which is midnight. I was working two jobs at the time, one of which refused to give me anything but midnight shifts, and squeezing in evenings when I could with my boyfriend (now husband, and the date of the first story :D). It was really late, and I lived an hour out of town, so I often pulled over for a catnap so I didn’t fall asleep on the road. It made me even later, but I was already late, so who cares?
The first time was just as I turned off my boyfriend’s road. It was late, probably 12 or 1 am, and this large older cop pulls me over. Asks for my papers and why I’m out so late, I explained I was at my boyfriends and lost track of time. He hemmed and hawed and said okay just don’t do it again. Yeah, okay.
The second time, probably two weeks later, I’d just finished two eight hour shifts, one right after the other, and I left work at midnight because my hated retail job wouldn’t let me leave earlier even though I literally told them ITS NOT LEGAL. I was a town over from the first place he pulled me over, but same county so I was like okay whatever. Same thing, papers and asked why I’m late. I explained, he let me go and said don’t do it again. Cue a mental eye-roll, I knew for a fact I had three more midnight shifts that week. Whatever.
Third time he pulled me over, it was probably 2AM a month or so after the last time. I had two morning classes and a midnight shift that day, so I’d been up since probably six am the morning before. I took a catnap on the way home so I didn’t, you know, DIE. The SAME GUY pulls me over, forty miles,3 towns, and 4 counties over from the last place. What the hell??? Papers, why I’m out so late. Couldn’t find my insurance card for some reason (probably because I was exhausted!), and I’d hit a deer the week before and busted one headlight. So he gave me a ticket, and a “verbal” warning that I was out late AGAIN. More mental eye-rolling. This time I explained that my job wouldn’t give me earlier shifts and they’d fire me if I left early.
Luckily I didn’t have to go into court, just called them and sent pics of my insurance and my fixed light. But seriously?? I told my boyfriend if he pulled me over again, I was reporting him for harassment.

So I guess the last guy wasn’t what he said, but what he DID. Who pulls someone over to “make sure you’re okay?” I was just driving along minding my business. Jeez. Haven’t been pulled over since, that was about three years ago now.

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