What has Nawaz Sharif done for Pakistan?

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  1. What he has done to Pakistan is already answered by Kasun Tharindus. He appears to be very enthusiastic about future prospects of Pakistan. I wish him well.

    The other side of the story, if told from outside of Pakistan, gives a comprehensive view of where is the country heading to and what he did and is doing now.

    As an elected head of Pakistan he has done little justice to Pakistanis’ aspirations. When voting him to power Pakistanis had little clue that he would keep his mouth shut to the diktats of Army and handover the reins to it on a silver platter. This one act has not only led millions of Pakistani heads to hang in shame (whenever army/ISI backed terrorists go berserk out of their boundaries) but is disallowing the administration carry on with its routines and election promises.

    Ordinary Pakistanis, I hope, understand how awful Sharif must be feeling having to plead innocence every now and then which in fact is a disrespect to the nation of Pakistan.

    When a political party, either by will or under pressure gives into clandestine methods to resolve international disputes, it’s hard to distinguish the party from the other and in that sense, Sharif failed to pull his party (and country) out of the notorious mould Pakistan was set in by his predecessors.

    A few billion dollars increment in a nation’s reserve is a big deal only if compared with poorer countries but how does it make sense?

    His report card:

    Done good: Average (most of the FDI are from strategic sources)

    Upheld nation’s esteem: Pathetic

    Improved foreign relationship: Poor

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