What horrifying experience did you have while growing up?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 29, 2020 04:22 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 29, 2020 04:22 PM

When I was 5, my neighbor’s son was molesting me and to keep me quiet he would do little things to remind me who was boss. For example, once he lifted me up and sat me inside of a big fence, the kind for cattle. I just sat there not knowing why until I heard hooves running towards me. It was a huge, black bull running my way. I just remember someone else grabbing the back of my shirt and lifting me out. He was laughing and telling me that I better run on home because my mom would be mad if she knew what I had done! He also would take me out on a big swinging bridge that was high off the ground and start jumping up and down making it whip like a rope. I would be on all fours crying. But the worst was when he threw my puppy in a well. I just remember sitting there crying, too afraid to look. He had also thrown my shoes in. I walked home barefoot and crying. He was only 16 and his mom was my mom’s friend. I never told her, but we moved soon after. He used to see me in town after I was grown and would always wink at me.
I remember my uncle practically dragging my oder sister into his room saying ,”Let’s listen to some music, come on.” Joan Jett was playing on his stereo, I Love Rock and Roll , blaring to drownout the noise. (I can’t stand that song to this day). She was crying. My grandmother was standing at the stove stirring her gravy, not even looking up. She knew. She had to have known. He finally got her inside, shut the door and locked it. I sat at the table knowing what was happening to my sister. He was on top of her doing his filthy deed, just as he had so many times. He would tell her to enjoy the attention because once she got old enough to get pregnant, he wouldn’t want her. He never touched me because before he could grow tired of her, his neighbor found out that he had molested his daughter and he was going to kill my uncle. My uncle ran away like a coward in the middle of the night.

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