What if a prisoner in a USA prison wants more food at mealtimes? Can they get extra helpings?

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  1. The quick answer is no.

    There are 3 ways for an inmate to get more food at mealtime.

    Bring a friend to the “chow hall” who only eats commissary and have them give you their food. This is very common. When I was in prison I hardly ever ate the chow hall food. In Texas women’s prisons the provided meals were not appetizing at all. A lot of pork and mystery meat was served. Seasoning was scarce. Fresh fruits and vegetables were never served. For the 7.5 years I was locked up I didn’t eat any lettuce, tomatoes, bananas, grapes, apples, oranges etc. If you’re a vegetarian your only option was 2 scoops of beans in place of meat. Inmates in closed custody (very bad actors housed in 2 men cells) were not allowed to purchase food in commissary and they were all slim.
    Your buddy works on the serving line in the chow hall. Some prisons have a guard at the end of the line to ensure no one gets extra helpings but this is not always the case. If there is not a guard paying attention to the trays your buddy can give you extra food.
    You work in the kitchen. Kitchen workers get more food period.

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