What is a day in your life as a college student?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 21, 2020 04:46 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 21, 2020 04:46 PM

I study in a college where classes are held everyday and each and every professor makes it a point to take the class. Hardly do we have free periods. There’s however no strictness regarding attendance but I like attending classes. In fact I’m one of the very few persons who has a 100% attendance.

So for me, a typical college day would be like-
1. Waking up at 7 AM
2. Going through the previous day’s notes
3. Go to bath by 9:30 AM
4. Get ready by 10:30 AM (if we have the first class from 11:10AM).

5. So I’m settled in the first bench by 11AM.
Mostly I’m enthusiastic in the class for the first 30 minutes after which we keep waiting for the professor to drop hints like ‘I am just giving an introduction to this topic. We can continue with it the next day’ 😛

The next professor whose class is scheduled at 12 arrives really early and one has to take endless notes in that class. We don’t even get some time to flex our muscles. Poor us! In this class we are so busy writing that we don’t even have time to look at our watches. The subject is Indian Economics, a theory paper and boring as hell.

The next class is taken by our HoD at 12:50 but she doesn’t enter before 1PM. So yes we get a good 10 minutes to roam around. This class is quite good. The pressure is relatively less unlike what most would expect given that HoD takes that class.

And then…then finally comes our long awaited break at 1:40PM. Many bring their tiffin, some visit the canteen. I mostly stay in class or sometimes stay in the corridor. The break is of 30 minutes and time just flies by too fast. We hate the next class scheduled at 2:10PM. We are already in a ‘tiffin break’ mood and it becomes so hard to focus back 🙁 and moreover this class isn’t quite interesting.It’s a double period which is worse. Generally this professor leaves us at 3:30PM. At times, a few of us request her to start the new topic the next day and she’s kind enough.

6. End of college for the day.

A few studious and sincere people immediately pack their bags and rush because they have to reach home and STUDY! Some of us walk at our slowest pace all the way through the campus (our campus is quite big and we don’t take the main road to reach the auto stand) while laughing about silly things, joking, singing and what not.

7. I live quite near- just an auto away. So I reach home within 20 minutes. After that I spend some time surfing the net, watching videos, replying to texts and finally take a nap which usually lasts 30 minutes.

8. I get up by 6 PM. Open my books and notebooks. Half an hour goes in deciding what I would study. Till 8:30 I try to keep away from distraction as much as possible mostly failing :(. Then mom returns. We talk a bit. She brings the day’s newspaper with her. I go through it.

9. Have dinner at 11 PM. Study for two more hours and that’s it.

10. Go to sleep.

This goes on from Monday to Thursday.
On Fridays we don’t have classes this semester. The whole day goes in making an effort to study and actually studying.

Saturdays and Sundays are extremely important for people from my college and my department. We have an internal every fucking Monday. These are the two days we study seriously. The marks get added to the final semester marks. Although this method is not bad whereby we complete the whole syllabus beforehand. But it has its cons as well. We don’t have the freedom to study what we like and when we like. We have to study this particular subject we have an exam on, the following Monday. And it becomes quite hectic by the third consecutive Monday.

So that’s it- a typical ‘week’ of mine rather.

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