What is a healthy thing that you can eat which goes with coffee?

Mudassir Ali 8 months 1 Answer 129 views

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  1. Well, I certainly can grasp the muffins, the cinnamon bun, all the breakfast delights, but my top favorite, don’t-get-between-me-and-this mouth joy is chocolate. Dark chocolate. Mine is around 70% or higher depending on what I find. Doesn’t need to be a large piece and shouldn’t if its a health fix for the day.

    A nibble of chocolate. Hold in under the tongue for a small sip of hot coffee. Allow The Melt Moment. Swallow in silent bliss. Repeat.

    Yes, it has become a ritual for me. Something to look forward to at the end of a long day; it is one I take with me when on the road for business as it helps unscrew the day outta my head. Which usually means a cup of decaf at my age so I’m not glassy awake at midnight, but a small price for flavor bliss.

    My close second in favorite coffee/food combination is pumpkin spice scones and coffee … so, yeah, eventually I’m back to breakfast foods.

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