What is a novel coronavirus? What is the COVID-19 virus?


What is a novel coronavirus? What is the COVID-19 virus?

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  1. Originally Answered: What is the Coronavirus 2020?

    Coronaviridae 2020 is 2019 n CoV, unlike MERS-CoV which transmitted through Camels in Middle East in 2012 and SARS-CoV which transmitted through Bats in Guandhong province, China in 2003.

    Coronaviridae looks like the Corona of Sun, hence the name. This is an enveloped virus and has spikes too. It is positive stranded and a single stranded RNA genome and one of the largest RNA viruses.

    This virus causes severe respiratory problems, similar to Common cold and sometimes even Pneumonia. Fever is also one of the symptom as far as I know and even a feeling of uneasiness.

    To avoid it, one must maintain proper hygiene, keep himself/herself hydrated in case of mild cold. Also, the persons infected with this virus must be isolated such as Australia is doing in their country by locating the affecting people in an island far from mainland. Also, they have recreated the virus so that scientist can study about that virus and make a antidote of it as no proper vaccination is there also against this virus.

    One must not eat uncooked or partially cooked meats and even milk.

    India has too reported first confirm case of Coronaviridae in the state of Kerala. They boy was student studying at Wuhan province, China.

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