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  1. I work as a web developer.

    5:15 am hit snooze.

    5:30 wake up shower, dress. No food.

    5:50–6:05 leave for bus stop.

    6:40- bus to cleveland.

    7:15ish- off bus walk 1/3rd mile to office.

    7:30 open office.

    7:30 to about noon involves writing code, makeing coffee in my kuerig drinking coffee. Getting up once to stare out the window to help relax my eye muscles.

    12–12:20 go down to cafe and have sandwich.

    12:20–4:37 write code, coffee water starts at 2. More frequent stares out the window.

    4:37 sharp: leave for bus.

    4:48–5:38 ride bus home.

    6:05 arrive home in car.

    6:05–6:15 eat dinner

    Typically in transit here.

    6:30-depends day of week but generally volunteerism/kids extra curricular stuff.

    I may write code or read about coding or if I am too beat, watch videos on youtube of coding/technology.

    8:00 put one kid to bed. Continue above.

    9:00 remind older kid to go to bed.

    10 go to bed.

    Throughout the day I text my wife. On the bus rides I text my friends and engage social media.

    Small addendum I gave a weekday. And did not fully answer the question:

    Exercise – I walk to and from work about 15 minutes each way.

    I mention volunteer activities, I work as a PM for an open source community, also as a BSA Commissioner and round table commissioner.

    I enjoy table top RPGs with my friends on the weekends (I am one of the top 10 authors on Cthulhu)

    When the weather is nice I enjoy archery.

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