What is a time in your military career that you bent the rules almost more than your rank could handle?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 22, 2020 08:51 AM

Technically, at LEAST once a week, for the best part of a year.

I was sent to Vietnam as an E2 grunt, but got shunted to a medium truck company (tractor-trailers, basically – I never did figure out what heavy truck was), and after about a week was pulled into the orderly room to replace the company clerk. Our CO was a captain, ex-SF who was partially disabled from combat injuries, who quickly figured out that I could be trusted not to do Wild and Crazy things. He would often be out on convoys from dusk to dawn, so paperwork got done, as it were, in parallel with him.

Routine reports such as morning reports got my version of his signature, with a copy left on his desk. I was a PFC, then a SP4.

One morning we got a call from higher up that one of our mechanics had a cousin up near the DMZ who had been killed. The mechanic was listed as escort for the body, and quite a bit needed to be done before lunch time.

The guy was a night mechanic, so he was sacked out. I found out where he slept, and went and woke him up. I told him his cousin was dead, and asked if he was still willing to be escort the body back to the States (with a 10-day emergency leave after the body was delivered). He agreed. I told him to pack all his stuff and take it to the supply room for safekeeping. I then went back to the orderly room and typed up a request for emergency leave, then typed up the approval/disapproval attachment, approved it and forged the CO’s signature. I signed out a jeep from the motor pool (COs authority) and got someone to be driver, loaded the guy on the jeep and went back to work.

That evening, when the CO got back from his convoy, I met him and he asked if there was anything outstanding. I responded, “Sir, I’ve been signing a lot of stuff today with your signature. I did what I figured you’d want to do, but if I got it wrong it’s best if you know now and do whatever you see fit.” I filled him in, he nodded and said I’d done good, and that was the end of it.

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