What is Affiliate Marketing?

i want to know, What is Affiliate Marketing?

Anyone help me.

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    Okay from the 20 plus answers on this forum I am confident many of you have a good understanding of Affiliate marketing.

    Now some simple reasons why you would choose affiliate marketing.

    First: There are over 3 BILLION INTERNET USERS ONLINE!!!!

    Second: As the internet and technology is becoming more accessible more people prefer to shop online. Sweet so the internet is the tool to connect to consumers and their money.

    Thirdly: The cost of tuition and institutional learning is so costly that now days people want to avoid that and learn online because it is more cost effective and efficient.

    And that leads me to the product side of affiliate marketing.

    Many of you may be familiar with amazon affiliates where you earn commission on any sales generated through their website. But every single day more people are using the internet for e-learning and educational purposes.

    As stated before the cost of college is ridiculous but people will always pay for knowledge if it can better them in a particular area of their life (especially if this means they will become more valuable in the market place and therefore can earn more dinero/moolah/money).

    So their plan B is to look online for courses that can supplement institutional learning at a lesser price.

    And this is where you the affiliate marketer joins the cycle. You can bet that most of the courses available online (90% plus) offer affiliate programs. So why not be part of the cycle and help those individuals online who are actively searching for learning/knowledge courses to spend their money on find what they are seeking. And in doing so you earn yourself the affiliate commission.

    It is a simple business model but do not get me wrong- it will require hard work. But I never said the work is complicated. Anyone can implement this model successfully in any niche with the right discipline and focus. And the internet has some amazing tools to make the entire model run smoothly- giving you accurate insight into what is and isn’t working.

    Answered on May 6, 2019.
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