What is an experience you had at a beach you’ll never forget?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 27, 2020 01:29 PM

After a heavy night of drinking, a friend and I decided we needed a detox beach day at one of our favorite beaches. As the day went on we baked, cooled off, and baked once more.

Right before our second trip into the water, I looked over and a group of three girls were looking in our direction then one of them waved. I chuckled and ignored the gesture, laid back down & continued to bake. When I sat up to go in, I noticed once again they were looking in our direction & the same girl waved again. I knew I couldn’t ignore it twice so I threw up a hang loose sign and left it at that.

When I finally decided to go into the water, the girls had left to sit out so I decided to not bother them, I swam out far until I decided to swim to shore only to realize they had gotten back into the water. As I swam up, my friend, Kris, joined me about halfway to talk about what we wanted for lunch, when out of the corner I hear

“Do you guys live around here?”

As soon as I looked over, my stomach dropped, i didn’t know how to speak or answer her question, all I could do was stare at the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. Her eyes matched the insanely blue water we were swimming in, and her teeth were the whitest I’ve ever seen. I was stopped dead in my tracks.

“Yeah, but we live near the downtown area”

Kris replied, I tried to answer along with him, but I kept mumbling and stuttering til he answered for me again. Her two friends swam over, introduced and talked for 20 minutes before they asked what we were doing later. They were visiting from NC and it was their last night so they wanted something fun to do

“We’re having a game night with some friends” -Kris

Just like that, I felt any hopes of hanging out with these girls were gone forever. We awkwardly ended the conversation and made our way out of the water.

“Man, I kinda wanna hang with them instead of the going to game night” – me

“Yeah, I’m thinking the same thing, you should go over and tell them we should hang” – Kris

I have never been a guy who could just walk over to a girl and ask her out, so the walk up to the girls was the most nerve wracking walk of my life.

“Hey! Are you guys hungry?? Kris & I wanted to see if you wanted to come eat some Columbian food at a local spot we know” – Me

“That sounds great! What’s your number?” – dream girl, Ruth

I felt like a God having gotten her number, and not pooped my pants in the process.

We met up at the restaurant and ate amazing food, went to a local lava shop after and played games for an hour or two, got ice cream after that when they asked us if we wanted to go back to their place for their last night in town.

Feeling like a rockstar we told them absolutely, we’ll bring over some drinks after we go home to shower and change and we’ll go out with a bang.

As we made our way over, I was thinking over and over, nothing will happen, she’s way out of your league, you made her laugh and you connect, but don’t get your hopes up. (Keep in mind, I’m not a terrible looking guy, but I honest to god didn’t have a chance with her, she was all too perfect)

By the time we got there, the three were already drunk and we hit the ground running with a drinking game to catch up. Within 20 minutes, one of the friends suggested Ruth and I should kiss, even though I was starting to feel the alcohol, my stomach dropped and I became insanely nervous.

“You two have obviously been feeling each other since you met, just kiss!” – Emily

Here goes nothing !!

It was fireworks, my heart was beating out of my chest, I could not believe I was kissing the absolute prettiest girl I’ve ever met !!

The rest of the night was a roller coaster. Their place was on the beach where we met, so we decided to go skinny dipping. When we finally made it back to their place, we began dancing, taking pictures and took a group shower. It was unlike anything I’ve ever done or heard of.

At this point, Ruth and I couldn’t keep our hands off of each other, and knew where the night was headed.

“Okay, this room is for you and Ruth, we’ve been planning this all night, have fun!!” – Emily

“Wait what?! You’ve been planning for Ruth and I to get together all night?!”

“Dude, we’ve been planning this since I waved at you on the beach” -Emily

In awe, Ruth and I made it into the bedroom and she told me from the moment she saw me on the beach, she knew she wanted to approach me, but was too afraid. What!! How long it took Emily to convince her to walk over and ask if we lived here, how I was exactly her type and how she didn’t know she liked long hair on guys until she saw me earlier that day.

I was speechless, here I was with an absolute goddess who was into ME. It all felt like a dream or something out of a movie that I had no right to be part of, but somehow was. I spent the night, but we slept maybe all of 20 minutes. We had sex, kissed, cuddled, sang to each other, and talked until the sun came up and I had to leave. It took all that I had to work up the willpower to pull myself away from her. It took another 30 minutes of hugging, kissing, and saying goodbye until I was out the door.

I sat in my car and could not believe what had just happened. I just had the best night of my life and it all came out of nowhere. I was head over heels in love, but knew I had to keep that to myself for now. I didn’t know this type of thing was possible, but from the moment I saw you, I knew I was yours. I never in a million years thought anything like this would happen to me, but it did and I can’t imagine I will ever forget this night.

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