What is an experience you had at a neighbor’s pool that you’ll never forget?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 27, 2020 01:33 PM

This incident started at my neighbors pool. My neighbor is a good looking older lady with extremely large breasts. She is about 60 to 65 yo and a tiny bit overweight or tiny bit stocky, and about 5’9” rather tall. She is a widow her husband died several years ago, she didn’t seemed too distraught and has remained in the house which is a huge estate. We both have pools and each estate is on 2 acres. Often I go nude when washing cars or doing yard work when I’m not near the road at the main entrance. I was fairly sure my neighbor might have gotten a glimpse of me naked if she was on the second floor or out in her yard at certain spots. On this day she saw me doing something outside ( I had clothes on) and asked if I could help her move a large table by her pool. I agreed and moved the table with her help it was hot n humid so she offered me a soft drink. We made small conversation and I mentioned my wife was away for a few days on business, the HOA, the weather, her plants etc. I made mention that I liked the way her landscaping looked around the pool as it offered real privacy., this was the first time in 10 years I was inside the pool area. I told her I always go in the pool naked and this type of privacy was what I needed. My neighbor said that she often sees me naked outside. I then said I hope it doesn’t offend you? She replied at my age I enjoy the hell out it and wish you went nude more often. She confided that about a month ago she and her girlfriend were having a great time watching me for most of the day, we thoroughly enjoyed the show. I told her I’ll be sure to give you a better showing next time…if you let me know you’re watching. We both laughed and I thanked her for the drink and left. About an hour later I was nude doing some landscaping and went to go in the pool. I was lying on my chaise when I heard my neighbor walk through the gate, I looked up and she had a big potted plant to give me. I was nude but we both knew she wanted a better view up close and didn’t want to ask. She was ready to leave and I asked her to stay awhile, maybe take a swim. She decided to stay and just put her feet in the water. I’m showing off my body to her when she said I needed some suntan lotion and offered to put some on me. I had noticed she had carried a small black canvas bag in with her when she brought the plant. When I thanked her for my gift I wanted to ask what was in the bag but did not.

My neighbor is pouring a lotion over my body she had in that bag, her hands are going everywhere when she worked her fingers over my ass and got me hot and no push back she went further. After 10 minutes of getting oiled up she was fingering my ass and stroking my fully erect cock. She really got into it and was taking control ordering me into different positions, which I willing obeyed. Finally I about ready to cum and she pulls off her top and unsnapped her bra. These beautiful huge tits with hot erect nipples were staring at me and she orders me to suck on them. While I’m doing this she pulls out a glass dildo from the canvas bag. She lays on the chaise backdown has me straddled over her and bend down to suck her tits when she spreads my ass with her hands and slides this glass dildo smoothly like silk into my ass and starts fucking me with it, after 5 minutes my cock is vibrating and bouncing up and down, she sits up and starts to suck my cock and continuing to ass fuck me until I exploded. This felt so good so hot and so naughty. She cleaned up, and said she had to go but come buy anytime to use her pool.

Mudassir Ali
- Feb 27, 2020 01:33 PM

One evening we had a couple as guest that were asking me if they could use the pool. I explained the pool closes at 9 PM and there were no attendants available. They said they did not care but sorry, I had to refuse offering them the time the pool opened. They seem to accept that and went to their room.

It was after 1:00 AM when my wife and I headed to the back inside pool entrance locked door and let ourselves in. As we normally did, we stripped down to our birthday suits and dove in. The water was always warm and after a long day, felt very relaxing. We always did a bunch of touchy feely things as we moved around the pool which was pretty good size.

Suddenly there is a pounding on the door we came in. Hello, are you there came from a males mouth. We hear a female caling hello next. There was a window in the door which was at the bottom of a dark stairway that came from the non room area of the Inn. My wife and I looked at each other, then at the window where two individuals were sticking their faces against it staring right at us. We want ro sim too, they were saying. Let us in.

My wife and I made our way over to the side of the pool where the door was. The side of the pool was keeping my wife hidden except for her face. We were fully naked, in the water, with our clothes well away from us. To let them in one of us would need to expose themselves to them. I yelled so they could hear. We are not wearing any clothes. Guy puts his thumb up like he was approving that. I see them moving around a bit and then holding their bathing suits in their hands showing us that they too are now naked. Oh, what the hell. I got out and opened the door.

They thanked me and introduced themselves but I remembered their names from earlier. We introduced ourselves to them. This was the first time we had ever skinny dipped with others but for some reason, once everyone was in the water it seemed no big deal. Mostly seen just heads since it was dark.

I kind of was glad they got right in the water. They were at least 10 years younger than us, took great care of their bodies, and even though it was rather dark, his member was putting my to shame. In the water, I found out my wife noticed the same thing when she mentioned it. Not that he was just bigger than me but as she put it, damn, that looks like a filling meal.

We swam around, talked a bit, splashed and just were having a fun time. We were all talking and joking as we all started getting closer and closer together with me not thinking of anything wrong about it. Wife and I side by side with her getting closer to him and myself getting closer to her. Suddenly I feel a hand around my cock. It went from soft to hard instantly. I thought it was my wife so I reached over to get my own feel only to discover another hand already there. It wasn’t her hand on me, it was our guest lady.

I found out later that the very first move was made by my wife who grabbed ahold of his cock. Everything else just happened right after. We had never explored sex with others although we had added some talk about it when having sex for a turn on. For some reason, I guess since no one was complaining, we just went with it. We were feeling each other for a while before my new partner suggested we get out of the pool. We all climbed out.

We coupled up only a couple feet apart from each other. Both women went for the guys cocks and proceeded to caress them with their wet lips. At fist I had to wonder how this woman could even want to do anything with me knowing her husband was so much bigger in every way there. That thought passed as she gave my cock a lot of wet, warm attention. I looked over at my wife and she was certainly happy. She was attacking his cock like she had been denied one for ages. I guess in comparison, maybe she had been. The male mush have gotten my wife turned over because the next time I looked it was because of her noises because his face was buried deep into her pubic area. I used that as a clue as to what to do next. She certainly enjoyed my face getting down on her and the moans started quickly. I always took some pride in having the ability to find the right spots down there and I found them quickly. It only took a minute until my partner started to buck and tighten in orgasm. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled it into her as much as she could and she continued to orgasm. Finally, she loosened her hold and let my head free. She pulled me up on her and I immediately entered her. I glanced at my wife and she was still be tended too my a buried face. I pumped like crazy in this woman. She was really pretty even with her face covered in sweat and humidity from the pool air. I knew i wasn’t going to last long and was building fast. When she told me she wanted me to cum, that was it. I pulled it out and it started shooting stream after stream. More than I think I normally doo and the knots running through my groin were really intense. She look her fingers and rubbed the tip of my cock and it responded by making sure it was empty. She then used her fingers to move around my cum that was covering her stomach and breast. Pretty damn sexy.

We both sat up and turned towards the other couple. He was just going to enter my wife. I saw her tense up when he started entering her but he went slow and she relaxed. He worked it masterfully into her and her expression went to a big smile. She was getting her feeding. I seen him start slipping in and out of her and after 4 or 6 of those slow strokes, he was balls deep and she was wanting more. They started moving together and I bent over a bit so I could see her pussy lips clinging to his cock as they moved. That got me hard again. My partner leaned over at me and asked if watching my wife fucked turned me on. I admitted it did. She then bent over and took my cock into her mouth and this time was really working it. It was pretty amazing.

I watched my wife as she built to an orgasm. An orgasm that she never gets with penetration but this was a different time for her. As she built, I built too. She finally hit the peak and let out a loud moan then grunt and looked like she became a board. When that subsided, he gave her another one. Then he relaxed until she came down again and she told him no more, she wanted him to cum. He sped up just like his wife was now doing with me and in a matter of seconds he pulls out and shoots all over my wife’s breast. It was impressive but I couldn’t watch that much because my body decided it was time to unload that second batch. I tried to pull out of her mouth but she wouldn’t let me. She actually went deep on me when I started to cum. I was cumming on the back of her throat and she was wallowing it. That was a first for me and I loved the feeling. When I finished I started pulling out and she kept her lips tight cleaning me off while exiting.

We all laid around a bit before the guy suggested we get in the pool and clean up. So we did. It was close to 3:00 AM but we hung around another hour still touchy and feely with each other. They were leaving the next day so we scheduled to have lunch together before they left. My wife actually asked if there was any way they could stay another night even suggestion I could give them a free night. Before I could say anything, they said they really did have to leave.

My wife and I discussed it. We had no guilt and admitted it was a great experience. She told me that even though he was as big as he was, she still loved our times together. That made me feel good. It took another day but we had sex talking about it.

They did return 4 months later and we got to do a repeat. And 4 months after that and a couple trips for us to where they live and at least another ten times. Just them. No other interest.

Mudassir Ali
- Feb 27, 2020 01:34 PM

Many, many times, yes. Some guys are shy, and pool parties are how they get girls into scanty dress here in Florida. I’d usually wear a bikini, and a short wrap and sandals.

I had a reputation in my neighborhood as the “easy girl”, that I carefully cultivated. So it wasn’t at all unusual for me to forgo the bikini bottom, and just wear the wrap. I knew an invitation to a pool party was actually one to a train, or gangbang.

The groping would start almost before I got past the front door. My top would disappear along the way through the house to the pool side. Thoughtful hosts would provide an inflatable raft for me to lie on, and work on my tan. while the guys would take turns fucking me, or getting head, or handjobs. Because there was no question that they’d all get a go (or three!), it was all very relaxed, and we actually played in the water and ate snacks and drank a lot of soda and did all the things you’d expect teens to do at a pool party. There was just lots casual sex, too. The only rule was no sex in the water.

Nor was I the only girl at many of these. Those other teen sluts, including my BFF, would do the same, and we’d all have a grand time. Sometimes, two of us would put on a show for the guys, but those almost never finished with just girl-on-girl. Teen boys are way too impatient to wait that long! 😉

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