What is an experience you had at a truck stop that you’ll never forget?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 27, 2020 01:18 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 27, 2020 01:18 PM

making the trip back home from Florida, we stopped to get gas .. after filling the tank up, I was going to take my dog to a strip of grass to do his business.. but there was a good walk across the parking lot and I wanted to free up the gas pump, so we pulled around to the side of the building.. he got out on my side and soon as we got to the front of my car, we hear pop pop pop pop. I knew exactly what that sound was, and so did my dog, he ran back to the car so fast and jumped in the window .. I jumped in and he took off quick as we could.. then I started thinking, the police see the tape of me leaving at a high rate of speed they might think I had something to do with it.. so I called the police and they ask me to come back but I was already in another county.. I didn’t see anything, I just heard the shots. Police said it was ok then, just keep going.. I ask what happened, he said there was some road rage from the highway and one guy walked up to the other guys car banishing a gun , so the other guy pulled his gun and shot him 4 times…. only in Kentucky…

Mudassir Ali
- Feb 27, 2020 01:22 PM

Although this didn’t happen at a truck stop, as it happened at a rest stop in California. My husband (now ex-husband) and I had been traveling up north of California from Camp Pendelton, California to visit my dad and step mom in Redding, California. Because I had drunk a whole large bottle of Evian water I had to use the restroom. We had passed a few semi-trucks who had flashed their headlights at us, as to warn us about something ahead. This was before cellphones.

We noticed a road sign ahead that read rest stop 5 miles ahead with vending machines and restrooms. I had jumped out of the car the minute we got there, as I really needed to go. I had passed by a trash can that smelled really awful. Because I really had to go. I had ignored it. I also noticed that it had a swarm of flies around it. Because it was just us there. I didn’t ask anyone else if they smelled it. My husband had been reading the map in the car with the windows rolled up with our 6 month old son in the backseat playing with some blocks.

After I was done. I went outside and I walked over to the trash can. I immediately screamed, which made my husband jump out of the car to find out what I was screaming about. I had pointed to the trash can. When he had looked inside of it he said very loudly ”Holy shit that’s a dismembered body, how gross!” Immediately I told him that we should call the police. At first he agreed, until he said maybe we shouldn’t because they might think that we did it. After 20 minutes of convincing him I had called the police. Then I called my dad and step mom to tell them that we will be very late. I would tell them why when we got there.

In a about 15 minutes the police arrived. Then about 15 minutes the medical examiner arrived. To exam the dismembered body. He said that it was a woman in her middle 20’s. That she hadn’t been murdered there, because there wasn’t any sign of blood or tissue around the property.

Just like my husband had suggested before we were immediately subjects. We had locked up our car and then put in the back of their cars. A social worker had taken our 6 month old son. Which sent me crying historically. We were finger printed and interrogated separately. After 5 hours of intense interrogation and our finger prints was cleared we were given our son back and given a ride back to our car.

It was about 9pm that we finally arrived at my dad’s house. After we got unpacked and settled in. I had told my dad what had happened and the reason why we were very late. He asked when will our DNA be cleared. I replied “I believe in about two to three weeks.” He then said “Well I am just glad that you are here. Let’s try to enjoy each other while you guys are here”. I shook my head in agreement.

A few weeks later our DNA was cleared. In about a month later they caught the person who did it. It was a woman who was the dead woman’s step sister. Because the deceased was mentally impaired and was collecting social security. The step sister still wanted to collect the social security checks, but didn’t want to take care of her step sister, she decided to kill her.

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