What is an experience you had in the dark that you will never forget?

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  1. One weekend, I was home alone. My husband was away on his job, my son had decided to stay at his college for the weekend, and daughter had gone camping with her grandparents.

    At bedtime on Saturday night I went to bed with my toy poodle, Chauncey. About 3:00 am., Chauncey sat straight up in bed in an alert pose. I listened very carefully as I got out of bed. Then I heard it! Someone was trying to break in my home.

    Chauncey immediately jumped off the bed and ran down to the doorway from our family room and the kitchen, barking all the way. She would not, however, step foot in the kitchen where a light was burning.

    I arrived at the door threshold about the same time as Chauncey. As I looked out the full kitchen window, I saw the shadow of a man run past. If there were two people, I could have missed the first one.

    I immediately called my father who lived two miles away. While I was on the phone, I heard a car crank up and drive away. When my father arrived (with his rifle), I asked him if he had met a car on his way to my house, he said that he had met one.

    I was quite shaken up, so my father stayed for the rest of the night. I never had another incident like that, and I give the credit to my fierce little dog that confirmed to me that something untoward was going on outside the house.

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