What is an insane coincidence that you’ve experienced?

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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 14, 2020 05:04 AM

This happened to me recently .

Background : My parents created my profile on one of the matrimonial websites to find a suitable match for me. They keep searching over it. They send or receive proposals/requests over there.

Scene 1 : One evening, I came from office and saw my mom going through the profiles of girls who had sent the request to start a conversation further. My mom showed me the picture of a girl. She accepted the request from a girl and hence my phone number became visible to that particular girl as she had a premier membership on that website.

Scene 2 : Same day, at night, I received a call from an unknown number. (My mom had added my number unconsciously while creating the profile) I picked up the phone. The lady on the other side explained that she had sent a request/proposal for her daughter as she liked my profile and the request was accepted from my side in the evening. I told her that my mom had created my profile and it would be better if she talks with my mom directly for this matter. She asked me basic details about my job and told about her daughter. She said, she would talk to my mother and took her phone number.

Scene 3 : Next morning, I boarded the metro train from Kashmere gate metro station (Delhi) on yellow line towards Central Secretariat (My office). The moment I entered the metro, I saw a girl who was standing opposite to me. She started staring at me (I was also doing the same else how would I know that she was staring at me ? 😀 ).

I thought I have seen the girl somewhere. By her continuous staring, I thought, she must be thinking the same. I started thinking about her with full concentration . After 2 mins, I realized she is the same girl whose profile my mom showed me last evening on the matrimonial website and her mother called me later in the night.

I had doubts about it. Instantly, I messaged my mom to whatsapp me the picture of that particular girl whose proposal she accepted last evening on that matrimonial website. She sent me the screenshots of her profile. I kept staring her and looked at my phone several times to confirm.

By this time, the girl had also realized what I was doing or trying to do. She was also clear about her doubts (I thought so) and recognized me (I thought this too).

Eventually, I took the courage and turned my phone’s screen towards her and asked “ Is this You ?”

She was already smiling like a little kid, her face filled with innocence and shyness.

She nodded her head and said “Yes, I recognized you”.

Edit 1

Scene 4 – While I was looking at my phone to confirm that she is the same girl, I didn’t realize that my destination station was about to come.

When, I turned my phone towards her to ask whether she is the same girl or not { This station is Central Secretariat, Change here for the Violet Line} <—this musical line had already been announced and the train had already stopped on the platform (It was my destination and I had to get down from the train). The moment she nodded her head and said “Yes, I recognized you”, I heard “TIN-TIN” (The warning tone for closure of metro gates). I quickly jumped out of the train and I was like this (In this case, I was out on the platform and girl was inside the train) {image source: Dil Chahta hai (Bollywood Movie) and google} We exchanged a charming smile for few micro-seconds. The train started moving towards Huda City Center and I kept standing at the platform till the time it became invisible to me. Suddenly, I realized that I was late for a meeting and walked down quickly to my office. I kept thinking about this incident till the time I reached the conference hall. I thought, It was just a mere coincidence and I am never gonna meet that girl again . I diverted myself to the official agenda and got busy with my work. My meeting got over around 1 pm and I went out of the building with my colleagues to eat something. The adjacent building to my office serves south Indian food and we decided to treat our taste buds with Dosa and Sambhar that day. We entered the canteen. My colleagues (2) went on to order and they asked me to look for a table for three of us. I saw a table with 4 chairs, out of which only 1 chair was occupied. I went to that table and exclaimed from the back side “ Excuse me !, Can I sit here ?” The person turned towards me and I went into a sudden shock for a second. She was the same girl whom I met in the metro. Edit 2 Scene 5 -The moment she turned her face towards me, one of my colleagues shouted from the cash counter, “Babu (my nick name, yes they know it) “Do you want anything to drink?”, I took the fastest about-turn of my life and went towards them at the cash counter. One of my colleagues already had two plates of Dosa in his hands. He started walking towards the same table where she was sitting (with 3 empty chairs). I was looking at him from the cash counter. He grabbed a seat on the same table, sat opposite to her and shouted “ Hey guys ! come here”. My other colleague, who was standing with me gave me the bill and asked me to collect the Lassi (butter milk) for him. He straightaway walked to the same table and sat with the other colleague. Now out of those 3 vacant chairs, only 1 was vacant which was adjacent to that girl. I just wanted to run away from that place. I kept standing there to collect the Lassi and prayed to God for a minor earthquake so that we all run from that place suddenly. I wanted to spend more time there (at Lassi counter) to avoid her. When I got it, I returned the Lassi back to the guy by giving an excuse that there was a mosquito in it. (More time in Prep = More time consumed in extra curricular activities to avoid “ the probable/may be “Jeevansathi”) Time had stopped for me. I was thinking of a solid excuse to avoid lunch and go back to my office then suddenly, one of my colleagues yelled - “ Mother-fcuk****, are you bringing the Lassi from Punjab ?” Eventually, I took those steps towards the eternity with that Lassi in my hand. I sat on that empty chair adjacent to that girl with a lost face, shivering hands and almost “ready to get embarrassed haunches”. The girl tilted her charming face towards me and pulled the trigger of her adorable smile. I was looking at her from cross/side eyes. After the execution of her smile, I looked at one of my colleagues who was sitting opposite to me, he gave me a tricky expression. Now more than my meal, I also had the curiosity to know what she was eating. I looked at her meal and found she was also eating Dosa. A second later, one of my colleagues did a deliberate blunder and delivered the master-stroke to shower me with massive embarrassment, he said “Dude, eat your own food, don’t poke into someone else’ meal”. I wanted to kill him at that moment but my attention was all diverted to run away as soon as possible. With a massive focus on Dosa, they got busy with their meals. The girl and me exchanged micro-smiles for almost 5 to 7 times. She finished her meal, got up and left the table. A big sigh of relief for me but a big session of entertainment for my colleagues. They hovered me with : “What’s the matter man, looking at her again and again with slant looks” “Shall we talk to her parents” I kept ignoring them. I wasn’t able to digest whatever was happening. I remained completely lost through out the lunch. We finished and left for the office. Scene 6 - With a fear of an another metro encounter, I decided to Uber home this time. I ate lunch and slept. Around 8 P.M, the same day, my phone rang and woke me up from my profound and deep -sleep. I picked up the phone: Me : Yes ! X : “Hello, I called you last night (and this was enough). I tried contacting your mother but her phone isn’t reachable. Can you please hand over the phone to her”. Me : Sure ! Just a second (got up, went outside and told my mom that there is some lady on the phone) My mind suddenly froze. I was thinking the lady would describe everything (my daughter and your son had an encounter today) to my mom and my mom would pinch the last note to get all the details. (I was in no mood to explain her things that day). After 3–4 minutes, my mom came to me to hand over the phone. I asked her furiously “what did the lady say?” My mother : she took your details from the website (Date and time) and consulted the priest but unfortunately the horoscope didn’t match”. I : Okay No issues My mother : she said “ We can’t proceed because this is a necessary condition for us”. I : “Oh kay. did she describe anything about me or any other thing or incident?” My mother : “what incident?” I : “Nothing” ………..and then, there after, we lived, happily but separately ! Sorry guys for such a quora type -2 and un-classical ending Note 1 : The girl was neither stalking nor spying. It wasn’t any plot or pre-planned thing. My mom, in her last conversation with that lady had asked about the work and office of her daughter. When my mother told me about that conversation in detail later that night, I realized, the adjacent building where I went to eat that Dosa housed the same organisation where she was working. Note 2: Why didn’t she get down from the metro at Central Secretariat if her office was there ? I still have no answer for it. May be, she was lost? May be, she wanted to avoid me? May be, she had some work further ? I don’t know. Note 3 : Every single place, person, dialogue, etc described in all the scenes is pure truth and It has full bearing with only those persons who are mentioned in this story. Note 4 : Those two of my colleagues are almost 7–8 years senior to me. They are neither creep nor cheap. They are actually two gems. Note 5 : While I was writing the scene 3, my mom was screaming at me from the other room to leave laptop and eat dinner. Hence, I left with that “to be continued” thing but after few comments on this post, I decided to hold rest of the part for the next day. Thanks and Apologies.

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