What is an unspoken rule of using the ladies’ room?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 24, 2020 05:21 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 24, 2020 05:21 AM

If it’s a western style toilet seat, don’t use it in Indian style. Don’t sit down on the floor and pee. OMG! This annoys the living hell out of me. Learn how to use a western style toilet seat, seriously.
There were ladies in my residential program who would pee on the bathroom floor! And not even wash with soap water. It smelled like the gutter. Disgusting. Develop good habits. No, don’t tell me that your five-year-old couldn’t use the toilet seat properly. My two-year-old can use the toilet seat just fine.
If you poop, just don’t flush and walk away. It is your responsibility to check that the flush has removed all the “stuff” and all the visible stains. And if you poop in Indian style commode, use the bucket to wash away your “stuff”. Unsightly. Disgusting when I see it. Tells me a lot about the etiquette of the person who just used the toilet.
Periods. We get it. But it doesn’t mean that you would leave your used sanitary napkins for the world to see on the stall floor. If you stain the toilet seat, use the toilet paper and clean it. It is YOUR responsibility, not mine. Again, tells me a lot about the etiquette of the person using the toilet.
Edit: Okay if there is no toilet paper. You can use the water to clean the seat.
Don’t comb your hair on your seat at the restaurant. I don’t want your hair in my food, thank you. Use the washroom. Also use the washroom even if you just want to touch up your lips.
Follow the damn queue. Don’t stand in front of a stall and call it your own. Don’t just walk past the 10 ladies waiting their turn and enter the empty stall. Unless you are pregnant, or you have a kid who cannot just hold it. That we get, please go ahead.
This is personal, but for me staring slyly is a way to say “I love that outfit, or I love those shoes”. I would think it’s the same with all the introverts. Don’t stare, but if someone is staring at you, it’s more often than not a compliment. Take the compliment.
If someone asks you for a sanitary napkin, and if you have it, you give it to them. Pay it forward, always works.
If you see someone is wearing their tops inside-out (I have done this a couple of times), or stained pants (periods and stuff), or any other malfunction, you tell them. I remember once my dress was tucked in my underwear after using the washroom. Thank you sweet angel for telling me, else I would have had a very embarrassing story to share with you guys.
If someone needs assistance with their clothes, like tying the zipper, you do it.
Don’t judge when someone is reapplying their makeup. Don’t judge when someone is clicking bathroom selfies.
Tell me, isn’t well lit bathrooms with hundreds of mirrors really the best place to take selfies? And don’t lie. If you said, no, then you are lying.
Thank you for reading my rant. Back to some real work.

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