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  1. Your question has two parts,

    What is Auto SEO ?

    This has been very well answered by most of my fellow Quorans, let me add some points here
    > All the activities in the traditional SEO that can be handed over and automated with a software / app would be called “Auto SEO”.
    > These activities can on-page or off-page or reporting /alert related.
    > You won’t find all the activities of Auto SEO in a single solution, there would be specific services covered with one Auto SEO solution.

    Second part of the question, Is this better than Manual/ Traditional SEO?

    > Yes and No .
    > Why, the Yes ! Most of the SEO experts are still sticking with link building and other brainless activities, so it would be better these were handed over for automation.
    > Why, the No ! Google will penalise auto seo whenever it sniffs something is wrong and Manual intelligence can’t be replaced with a software.
    Conclusion : If I were to get my hands on a good Auto SEO solution, I would use it to get me off some brainless SEO activities (depending on what it can automate) and focus on intelligent stuff.
    I hope this helps, let me know via comments if you have specific questions, I will be happy to answer them.
    Disclosure : I co-own BrandNshout .com,a Digital marketing and Branding company.

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