What is common in the PSL 2020 and the World Cup 2019?

Mudassir Ali
Mar 05, 2020 05:30 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 05, 2020 05:30 AM

Team India is in a marauding form and never ever in ODI history were they this dominant. And only a handful of other teams in the 45 year ODI history can be compared to this Indian team that has been winning in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand in a comprehensive way.

Against a top class New Zealand side, India could afford to sit out their top players and still casually win the game.

India’s only weakness is power hitting in the middle order and I really hope Kohli wakes up to see the future of DK in the side over Rayudu. With Rayudu gone, Dhoni can take his sweetspot #4 position and you can fit DK, Hardik and Kedar in the middle order to provide the power and finish off high. For some weird reason Rayudu is still being tried after his retirement from first class, losing team balance and power apart from shoddy fielding.

Also Kohli should avoid using KulCha twins in early part of the league — teams always get used to Kuldeep very quickly. He has to be sprung up as a surprise in Knockouts, with Jadeja/Chahal rotated in league games alongside Shami, Bhuvi and Bhumrah.

The only challenge comes from England who are again at their peak. The saving thing with them is that their performance in ICC trophies is usually horrible and buckle under pressure. While they have the home advantage for league games, in pressure situations that might work the other way too.

While South Africa has at least one ICC trophy (1998 champions trophy) England has never won any ODI trophy. They are the perfect chokers in ODI and like in 2013 champions trophy, India would fancy to take them on the knockouts, even if England dominates the league.

Given that the format is based on the 1992 world cup that gives more emphasis on consistency than a more crazy 2007 style where one bad day could put you out of the cup, India and England should both make it to the knockouts. I’m guessing the other 2 will be from NZ, Aus, SA and Pak.

In the semifinal and finals, it is more of which team keeps the nerves. If Pakistan comes until that far, they would fancy that chance too and so would India and Aus — given their prior history winning critical knockout games holding the nerves.

While in league games England would likely top the table in the knockouts their chances would go down to 50–50 if Ind, Pak and Aus make it to the 3 and all these 3 are good at holding the nerves.

Could be a cracker of a contest and possibly one of the most interesting world cups.

India has 3 top notch fast bowlers — among the best in the world, 2 wonderful wrist spinners — the best spinning pair now, 2 decent allrounders, world’s best keeper, world’s best openers and the king himself — Kohli. If Rayudu is not there, then there would be only one poor fielder — Kedar — to deal with and the catching with the likes of DK, Pandya, Kohli will be among the best.

I hope Rohit, Kohli, Shami and Dhoni are rested for most of the remaining games ahead of the WC and the team’s middle order and bowling is well tested.

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