What is corona? What are the symptoms, and is it curable?

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  1. In 2019, the biggest breakouts of nCoV have been reported, about 2,470 cases were found positive in the laboratory test and 851 were severe. The Novel Coronavirus was first traced on 31 December 2019 in the city of China, Wuhan. nCoV takes 14 days to show its symptoms, which refers that the first human infections occurred before 31 December.
    The latest report (till 30 January 2020) The graph of death rate increases rapidly, it reaches to 214 and around 8,230 confirmed cases identified in the Coronavirus pneumonia outbreaks. The Wuhan strain has been identified as ‘ strain of Betacoronavirus’ which implies that the reasons behind nCoV are not only the sea market, others are too.

    Symptoms of Coronavirus:

    The Coronavirus is spreading rapidly, as the members of this virus are very active. Here, you must know the symptoms of the virus so that you can distinguish between its members and another normal causing virus-

    Fever: There are many reasons for fever, but if you have traveled to other countries and within two weeks you will be ill, it may be a sign of infected nCoV.
    Cough & cold: The members of this virus are similar to the flu virus, you get caught to cough and cold and can worsen the condition if the reason is CoV.
    Breathing difficulties: The virus can affect your respiratory system and it causes shortening in-breath or you may get unconscious due to lack of oxygen.
    Pneumonia: Initial sign finds in infected human are cough & cold, it leads to severe disease such as pneumonia.
    The Liver fails: It also affects your digestive system, Coronavirus is active in nature and can spread in your body.
    Death: The virus can cause death too, you avoid its symptoms and take it casually, it pushed you towards your last time.

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