what is Djuice Free FnF Balance Offer?


what is Djuice Free FnF Balance Offer?

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  1. UBL Asaan Account

    UBL Asaan Account is a new and convenient service through which any individual can open an account. Simply fill out a brief form and pay initial deposit as low as Rs. 100. UBL resolves to give maximum ease and convenience to every Pakistani.

    Special Features:

    • Flexibility of Opening Current or Savings Account
    • No minimum balance required
    • No Fee for Debit Card Issuance.
    • No Service Charges for account opening or closing
    • Any of the following documents may be used as a proof of Identity for opening of Asaan Account

      • Computerized/ Smart National Identity Card (CNIC/ SNIC)
      • Pakistan Origin Card (POC)

    Rules of the Account:

    • UBL Asaan Accounts are meant for resident individuals having Pakistani Nationality only
    • One CNIC holder is entitled to One UBL Asaan Account (either as single or jointly operated)
    • An existing  UBL Accountholder cannot open a UBL Asaan account (in either single or joint account category).

    Transaction Limits/ Turnover:

    • Total Debit per Month: Rs. 500,000/-
    • Total Credit Balance Limit: Rs. 500,000/-

    Exceptions for Transaction Limits/ Turnover:

    • Inward Remittances
    • Credit of Profit Return on UBL Asaan Saving Account
    • Bank Charges, government taxes or levies from competent authority

    Restriction on cross border (outward) transactions except for Card based-accounts subject to above specified Transaction limits/ Turnover.

    Profit on UBL Asaan Saving Account will be disbursed at minimum savings rate; profit is credited on half-yearly basis and is calculated on monthly average balance.

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