What is information technology and why is it called that?

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  1. Originally Answered: What is the meaning of information technology?
    Information technology is literally the technology involved with the storage, retrieval, manipulation, and transmission of information.

    Most people probably never actually consider that. When they hear IT, the first thing that comes to mind is likely some guy in a polo shirt plugging cables into a server rack.

    IT is primarily concerned with information. Servers, databases, websites, etc. – it all pertains to information. While most people associate IT with computers, the field long predates the electronic age, and even the mechanical age.

    In fact, IT traces its roots back to tens of thousands of years ago, when some of the first petroglyphs were discovered. These were eventually superseded by the Sumerians, who developed writing around 3000 B.C., which was then complemented by the Phoenician alphabet, which gave rise to other alphabets. From there emerged pen and paper, books, and other forms of media. Technology kept evolving and eventually the slide rule and Pascaline were replaced with digital calculators and computers.

    When you access a website, you are concerned with the information on that website. If there were none, you probably wouldn’t be very interested in accessing it. When you shop online, the information about products is stored on databases, which is relayed to a website by a server-side language such as PHP. Information security, which is closely associated with information technology, is the protection of this information.

    So, whenever you hear the term “information technology,” remember that it is much more than just some guy in a polo talking about CAT5 cables and megabits per second.

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