What is it like to be Black in China?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 29, 2020 06:57 AM

My answer to ‘Are Chinese people racist against black people?’ was deleted, so I have decided to answer this one too.

I have been living in China for almost 5 years. Too many racist incidents have happened to me, but I will only tell you a few to keep my answer short.


It was during our university’s cultural festival, my Chinese friends and I were taking selfies.

Chinese friend: Hey bro, why don’t you go ask your white friends to take pictures with us?

Me: Why would I? Have you ever seen them asking strangers to take pictures with them?

Chinese friend: They don’t have to, they are superior, we Chinese come second.


I was reading a book in our leisure room while waiting for my appointment with one of the teachers, they were 3 Chinese students and 1 female teacher resting in the same room as me.

Chinese student:(Whispers)Teacher, this foreign student’s Chinese is good, he can be the host for next week’s event. (He was referring to me).

Teacher:(Whispers back in student’s ear) He’s black, too ugly. Let’s find someone who’s white.


Her:(Sends a message in a Wechat group) There is a part-time job this weekend, we need foreigners who can sing and play a guitar or other musical instruments. Add me if interested.

Me:(After adding her)Hey, am interested in doing the job you posted in the group.

Her: Sorry, we don’t want black people.

I told one of my closest and sincere Chinese friend about these incidents and many more, he said, ‘‘Bro, I will not lie to you, Chinese people are racist, they think dark-skinned people are ugly, poor and uneducated. Personally,I think you are pretty handsome and intelligent, but I also think you will miss out on a lot of opportunities because you are dark-skinned and come from a poor country.

Mudassir Ali
- Feb 29, 2020 06:57 AM

convince her that she will have a good future with you. This is because marriage in China is a serious issue. Women generally look for a long term relationship. Who wanna get married to a poor man?

That means, if you are a poor student, from a poor country, studying in China, your chances of finding a Chinese girlfriend are quite low.

However, if you are working in China, have a full time (preferably well-paid) job, and show some patience, it’s very much possible to find a Chinese girlfriend.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you can speak Chinese well, that will be hugely appreciated, and Chinese people would find it more interesting to interact with you. This is because learning Chinese is not easy at all. So, in case you are still struggling with mysterious Chinese characters, here are some of my personal tips:

Mudassir Ali
- Feb 29, 2020 06:57 AM

The following content was translated by Google. If there is an error, please forgive me.

I agree with you that blacks are more likely to be discriminated against in China than whites. I have some opinions on this.

1. Why are white people popular in China?

The root cause is still because the white military, commodity economy, culture, and system of white people in the past 200 years far exceed China. Remember, 70 years ago, China was one of the poorest countries in the world.

The powerful influence of Hollywood has made women all over the world tend to think that whites are more attractive. (For example, in Hollywood movies, you rarely see tall/strong/handsome/charming/leaders/male-strong Asians, especially Chinese), even in porn, it’s hard to see Asian men. It’s hard to see Asians with strong muscles. It’s hard to see Asians with big cocks (in fact, there are also many big cocks in China, even if there are only 3% of people above 18cm, there are more than 20 million people in China. Have such a dick). Because of the power of the United States, the charm of black people is already very large. There are many people in China who like the NBA. They regard LeBron James/Curry/Kobe as their idol. (Actually, the reaction is still national strength. If there are no black people in the United States, basketball is only developed in Africa, I think the NBA will not be popular in China.)

In terms of commodity economy, most of the advertising models are carefully selected whites. If Asians are chosen, there is a high probability that people with stereotypes (such as particularly small eyes are very unsightly in the eyes of Chinese people. Since you go After China, I believe that you also know that China does have many people with small eyes, but there are also many people with big eyes.)

Before the Opium War of 1840, China never felt that whites looked better, but instead felt that they were ugly. (I saw in a previous report that Africa also felt blacks look better before being colonized by European whites, whites are ugly)

In general, whites are sought after by them for hundreds of years in the industrial revolution and the colonial war. This is the harvest of the world race winners.

I believe that China will inevitably arise. After 30 years, the younger generation in China will certainly be more confident. It will definitely not have too much affection for whites like this. On the contrary, as China’s cultural influence expands, there will be more and more girls of other races who like Asians, which is a super upgrade of K-POP.

2. Why do Chinese people like white skin?

First of all, definitely not because we want to be white people so prefer white skin. In fact, this is caused by China’s agricultural society for thousands of years. People in China used to cultivate in the past, and farming means that they need to bask in the sun and they will turn black. Therefore, people often use the color of the skin to judge a person’s social class. If a person is whiter, then he does not need to go to work on the farm. So people are more inclined to white skin.

The same situation actually happened in Western countries. White people did not want to become Asian talents to go to the beach to sun and turn themselves into brown skin. They are meant to express that they have spare time, do not need to work all the time, and are also expressing their own social class.

3. When can black people really get the respect of people all over the world?

Everything has two sides. In China, many people especially like black people, and many people do not understand black people and discriminate against black people.

I know that black brothers in the United States know that democracy/freedom/equality is not from the sky, they are obtained through resistance. The result of the struggle is that African Americans are clearly more respected than other blacks.

When can black people really get the respect of people all over the world? I think that when Africa developed a developed country, it improved its education, technology, political system, unique culture, and developed entirely on its own land, increasing the influence of the whole of Africa in the world. 5 time.

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