What is it like to travel sitting next to a celebrity?


What is it like to travel sitting next to a celebrity?

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  1. It was in July this Year, I was travelling from Ranchi, to Bengaluru. And a sheer coincidence, that this Guy was travelling by the same flight.

    Yes, I shared my flight with none other than Captain Cool, Mahendra Singh Dhoni (cricketer). The most successful, World Cup winning Captain of the Indian Cricket Team.

    Under his aegis not only Indian Cricket team reached World No. 1 Ranking in all major formats, but also he is the ONLY Indian captain to bring all major ICC trophies to our Country.

    I could not believe that I was in the same flight as MSD. It was crazy. I was literally sitting at a one hand distance from him.

    He is a really humble and down to earth personality, and the way he responded to Selfie and autograph requests (which a lot of people asked for, by the way) only strengthen this fact.

    Even I managed to get a Selfie with him.

    When I asked for a Selfie, he gave me a warm smile and said “Sure”.

    And to get such a humble response from such an eminent personality.

    He is an amazing cricketer and a great person.

    It was an amazing experience.

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