What is Jazz Advance Balance Code ?

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What is Jazz Advance Balance Code ?

Jazz Advance Balance Code 2019 – Jazz Loan

Well, there is a possibility that some users might don’t know the Jazz Advance Balance Code and how to get the loan. So don’t worry, you will get to know all in this post.

Getting Loan via Mobilink Jazz Advance Balance code:

For Subscription: Dial *112#
For un-subscription:    Dial *112*4#
Charges:  Rs. 3.50+t


What is Jazz advance?

Jazz Advance gives you an advance loan of Rs. 15, if your balance gets below Rs. 15.

How can you get the Jazz advance?

In order, to get Jazz Advance, you only have to dial *112# from your Jazz Prepaid number and you will receive an advance of Rs. 15 in your account when your balance is below Rs. 15, anytime in the next 4 hours

When will the advance and service charges be deducted?

After availing the Jazz Advance, an amount of Rs. 18.5 will be deducted. from your next recharge.

How many advances you can get?

Only One!

You can receive only one advance of Rs. 15 till you recharge your SIM the next time, within the subscription’s validity period.

What is the validity of Jazz advance loan?

Once you have subscribed for Jazz Advance, the service will be available for the next 4 hours and you can receive an advance whenever your balance falls below Rs. 15, provided the previous advance has been repaid.

Is it Possible to get Jazz advance automatically without consent of 4 hours?

No, to avail the Jazz advance you need to dial *112#. The Jazz advance is provided only when you require and request for it.

Terms & Conditions:

  • PREPAID – For AJK / FATA / Gilgit Baltistan / Islamabad / Balochistan/ regions, please visit here for Prepaid Tariff details of this offer/ package.
  • Unwanted and unethical (unreasonable) messages can be reported by texting the SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) message to 9000 –PTA
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