What is John McCain like in real life?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 26, 2020 01:27 PM

Originally Answered: What was John McCain like in person?
I never met the man so I would have no way of knowing.

But from the things he and I have in common and the things we don’t have in common I can make a reasonable estimate. I will present these in counterpoint.

He and I both served in the US Navy on board an Aircraft carrier.

He was an officer and a pilot
I was a radarman/Operations Specialist
We both come from military families

he was the son of two generations of four star admirals
While none of my immediate relatives were officers in the last four generations counting myself I know of 34 relatives that were directly related to me
We both have a strong belief in this countries potential for our world

That tradition is why he served and put his ass on the line to defend it
This tradition is why I served and put my ass on the line to defend it
We both studied at very well respected colleges

he studied at Annapolis
I studied at MSU and the US Navy management logistics college
We are both well traveled throughout the country and the world. He much more so than I but none the less.

We both were our own persons and did things our own ways

that is he rose to the level of accomplishment he did.

you can’t be a stupid person and successfully fly fighter/bombers
You can’t be a stupid person and finish a major universities engineering program.
Now the ways we weren’t alike.

Socioeconomic status
So what do these things tell me?

He was probably an alpha personality with a strong belief in himself and a sense of destiny.

He probably didn’t tolerate fools or excuses very well.

He probably had a select few friends he would have no filter with and trusted without reservation.

I truly have no way of knowing but I would bet he could be sarcastic.

He didn’t have a closed mind.

He disliked bullies and would stand up against them.

He would stand on principle even to his own detriment.

Probably not a selfish man.

A slightly off beat sense of humor.

A sense of adventure and a hunger for it

If you were willing to enunciate your position he would reserve his position until after he’s listened to your opinion and considered it’s merits.

He believed in standing for things bigger than himself.

Mudassir Ali
- Feb 26, 2020 01:27 PM

Originally Answered: What was John McCain like in person?
In Arizona and the Senate, McCain had a reputation for having a hot temper, and trashing people. SNL did a skit on that feature, showing McCain angrily punching people out. McCain in public Senate hearings on POWs, yelled angrily at surviving POW families, insulting them. McCain dumped his loyal wife Carol, to marry for money with Cindy. Fellow POW John Dramesi had a very low opinion of McCain as a person. Dramesi was brutally tortured, after two escape attempts. McCain never tried to escape and instead collaborated with the enemy doing propaganda broadcasts for North Vietnam, while Dramesi never did more than give name, rank & serial number. Dramesi and similar POWs did not vote for McCain in 2008. Personally, McCain was corrupt, one of the Keating Five, helping Keating defraud investors. Democrats trashed McCain in 2008, but suddenly began to laud him, as a way to trash Trump. But for McCain’s attacks on Trump, the news media and public would get a more fair view of him. Neither he nor his family wanted POWs at the funeral as they knew what kind of person McCain was. McCain sealed his POWs to hide what kind of person he was. He definitely wasn’t proud of his POW time. Fellow POW and superior officer Col. Ted Guy knows McCain was never tortured, and just used that fake story to justify collaborating with the enemy, calling his fellow military “war criminals.” May McCain rest in peace or find the final judgment he may be expecting. His legacy on earth is as much a sham as his military service.

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