What is Pakistan Weather Condition ?


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Any there provide me Pakistan Weather list cities wise

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    Weather in Pakistan (39 Locations)

    Abbottabad Fri 20:10Partly sunny. Mild.24 °C

    Havelian Fri 20:10Partly sunny. Mild.24 °C

    Multan Fri 20:10Scattered clouds. Extremely hot.36 °C

    Attock Fri 20:10Passing clouds. Hot.32 °C

    Hyderabad (PK) Fri 20:10Sunny. Extremely hot.35 °C

    Murree Fri 20:10Low clouds. Mild.21 °C

    Ausia Fri 20:10Low clouds. Mild.21 °C

    Islamabad Fri 20:10Low clouds. Mild.21 °C

    Muzaffarabad Fri 20:10Partly sunny. Warm.30 °C

    Bahawalpur Fri 20:10Passing clouds. Extremely hot.35 °C

    Jhelum Fri 20:10Scattered clouds. Warm.30 °C

    Muzaffargarh Fri 20:10Passing clouds. Extremely hot.35 °C

    Chakwal Fri 20:10Scattered clouds. Warm.30 °C

    Karachi Fri 20:10Partly cloudy. Warm.30 °C

    Narowal Fri 20:10Fog. Warm.29 °C

    Charsadda Fri 20:10Passing clouds. Hot.32 °C

    Khaar Fri 20:10Thundershowers. Overcast. Warm.26 °C

    Pano Aqil Fri 20:10Scattered clouds. Extremely hot.40 °C

    Chichawatni Fri 20:10Overcast. Hot.32 °C

    Khanewal Fri 20:10Passing clouds. Extremely hot.35 °C

    Peshawar Fri 20:10Passing clouds. Hot.32 °C

    Daggar Fri 20:10Overcast. Warm.29 °C

    Lahore Fri 20:10Passing clouds. Warm.29 °C

    Quetta Fri 20:10Overcast. Extremely hot.35 °C

    Dera Ghazi Khan Fri 20:10Passing clouds. Extremely hot.35 °C

    Lakki Marwat Fri 20:10Overcast. Extremely hot.34 °C

    Rawalpindi Fri 20:10Low clouds. Mild.21 °C

    Gujranwala Fri 20:10Thunderstorms. Overcast. Warm.28 °C

    Mansehra Fri 20:10Partly sunny. Warm.30 °C

    Sahiwal Fri 20:10Overcast. Hot.32 °C

    Gujrat City Fri 20:10Thunderstorms. Overcast. Warm.28 °C

    Mingora Fri 20:10Overcast. Warm.29 °C

    Sialkot Fri 20:10Thunderstorms. Overcast. Warm.28 °C

    Hafizabad Fri 20:10Partly sunny. Hot.32 °C

    Mirpur Khas Fri 20:10Sunny. Extremely hot.35 °C

    Sukkur Fri 20:10Scattered clouds. Extremely hot.39 °C

    Haripur Fri 20:10Partly sunny. Mild.24 °C

    Moro Fri 20:10Sunny. Extremely hot.40 °C

    Zafarwal Fri 20:10Thundershowers. Overcast. Warm.27 °C

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