What is software and what are the examples of software?

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  1. There are 2 major components to computers: one is hardware, the other is software.

    The hardware are the parts that you can see, hear, feel, and sometimes smell — CPU tower, Keyboard, Monitor, Mouse, etc.

    The software are all the programs that run on the computer; however, you can’t see, feel, or hear any of them. They get written predominately in high level computer languages by humans before getting converted to the raw binary language the internal processor(s) inside the computer understand. These programs start when you turn the computer on, first with the Firmware inside of some ROM chips to initialize and configure all the attached hardware, then starting the Operating System (OS) before turning some control over to a human. Humans then run their own functional programs to get work done — like word processing, database, etc. Or, write their own programs for execution.

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