What is something someone should always understand when going to jail?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 23, 2020 02:24 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 23, 2020 02:24 PM

There are soo many things to consider when going to jail and/or prison.

Here are a few I’ve learned.

You ain’t running shit, period. Someone is higher than you on the totem pole. The CO’s will beat your ass if you act up or look like you are going to move on them. Learn to be a part of a militaristic organization, where you are given orders and you carry them out.

You can be a target at any point and time. Always be wary.

If you have a bad charge (rape, molestation, child abuse, child torture) don’t try and think you can get by in general population, that paperwork check is mandatory, and if you are discovered by your people to have any of these, you will more than likely be getting booked at some point in the very near future.

Build a bond with some solid people, but never let your guard down. Running solo in the joint is never advised, unless you’re on a SNY yard and that can sometimes be the norm.

Speak with respect to everyone, if you bump into someone say sorry, spenca, whatever the case is. You can be stabbed up at any point and time for something minor.

Carry yourself like a grown-up. Don’t look soft. If someone acts up towards you, don’t punk out, stand up for yourself. Even if you don’t win the fight, odds are, people know you are willing to fight back and won’t fuck with you as much.

DO NOT and I mean DO NOT acquire any debts in prison, whether it be gambling or drugs. You will get stabbed or killed for a SMALL amount of money. Nothing in jail is for free, at some point you would have had to work for it. Be it in the beginning of your sentence to when you got the keys for the car, or you smuggled it in your prison pocket yourself and you are getting a cut.

Don’t fucking snitch. Don’t tell the CO’s shit. No one likes a rat, in the free world or the locked up world. NO ONE. Hell, my grandparents told me as a kid and they are law abiding citizens, no one likes a tattle tale.

If an OG/Rep/Shot caller is putting you up on game, listen to them. If someone is kind enough to tell you how to approach a situation, listen to them.

IF you make it to prison and someone throws some candy on your bed or pillow, DO NOT FUCKING EAT IT. Sure, it looks good. But once you eat it whoever put it there is gonna ask, if you ate that shit, you just might be eating a dick or if you’re a chick, maybe muff diving with or without your consent.

There’s so many. Be aware it’s a whole new world. Where the consequences are 1000 times higher, the food sucks, the people around you are not playing no shit, and you can get killed for basically nothing.

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