What is something you saw while on an airplane that you couldn’t believe?

Mudassir Ali 9 months 1 Answer 130 views

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  1. Flying to N.Y. from Florida sitting first class. Bored so when the pilot announces check out Chesapeake Bay ah hell I look out even though I have seen it a hundred times. Business flight so I think I was probably one of a few bothered to look. In a flash of a second this commercial heavy whizzes by a few hundred yards off our port side. I was so fast if you weren’t looking you missed it. To quick to be scared.

    Pilot comes out and talks to the stewardess. I really don’t think he asked her for a cup of coffee. I asked how close was that captain? “How close was what?” I took the hint and never mentioned it. We would have been mush and never felt a thing.

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