What is the American Stock Exchange?


What is the American Stock Exchange?

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  1. It’s a joke perpetrated against all the people. When the world economy is tanking, and nobody is out shopping except for food and drugs, there’s a whole picture of deceit going on in the stock market. We can observe it by seeing the loss of jobs by the millions, and the government stepping in to give out free cash to everybody to buy food and pay rent. $1,200 per person is hardly enough to sustain anybody for very long, and not for a few weeks to a month. Where will people without jobs and income get more free cash to continue to buy food? Millions of people are losing jobs as we speak. The unemployment ranks will grow by double almost every day. America is in a depression. The Great Depression/Peak global unemploy­ment in 1933 was 24.9%. That’s going to look like a economic holiday compared to what’s ahead for the economy of the world for this Great Depression of 2020.

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