What is the best case of “hold my earrings” moment that you’ve witnessed?

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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 25, 2020 01:51 PM

Brandie (daughter) was engaged. She had been dating this guy since she was 16 off and on. They’d had crushes on each other since they were both 11. When she was 22, she and Bret became engaged.

A few months later, she found out she was pregnant. She seemed happy, so that was what mattered to me. However, as her wedding date drew closer, she became more and more unhappy. I asked her what was going on. She finally told me that something just seemed wrong, that Bret was acting differently. I told her that if she had doubts, do not marry. She said, “Mom, I’m pregnant.” I said, “Brandie… life is tough enough for kids without putting the responsibility on them to keep a relationship together.” I told her that a child is not going to be able to keep a marriage together if other things were not going right.

Ultimately, Brandie ended the engagement. She then found out that Bret was messing around with her “best friend”. She was angry and hurt.

Bret and the gf then began to tell Brandie that they were going to raise the child, that Brandie had no right to… that she was alone. They told her that she was not fit to raise a child, etc. The GF actually felt that my daughter needed to let her know when she was in labor so that she could be in the delivery room with them.

It was the most bizarre behavior I’d ever heard.

And no… she didn’t call her when she went into labor.

After my granddaughter was born, the fighting continued. I told Brandie that she had 2 choices… take them to court or find a way to work through things. He was the father and did have some rights.

Brandie decided to try to work things out.

When my granddaughter was 6 months old, Brandie agreed to let Bret and the GF keep my granddaughter for a long weekend. They were picking her up on Thursday and returning her on Sunday.

On Friday night, at 10:30, I got a call. It was my daughter.

She was talking to me but sounded upset. I finally said, “Ok… spill it.”

She said, “Well… something happened. Dad at first said ‘Don’t tell your mother, you know how she is’, then he thought about it and said, ‘Tell your mother… you know how she is’”. I rolled my eyes at that.

Bret was supposed to have that Friday off but was called into work. The GF took my granddaughter over to a friend’s house and spent the day there. The friend she went to visit… knew my ex… Brandie’s dad. After the GF left, she called my ex to tell him what happened.

The GF had left my granddaughter in the car seat most of the day. My granddaughter got fussy and began to cry… as 6-month-old babies do. The GF picked her up and shook her, then smacked her on the mouth a couple of times to try to make her stop crying.

I was furious. I talked calmly to my daughter and got her over her being upset. We hung up about midnight.

I was at the airport at 6 am and landed in KC before 10 am. I had called my sister and told her I needed her to pick me up. I didn’t explain what was going on.

She picked me up and asked where we were going. I told her we were going to Brandie’s.

Off we went.

By 11 am I was knocking on my daughter’s door. My ex answered, smiled and said, “wow… that was faster than I figured.” I again rolled my eyes. I’ve made more than one sudden visit when I’m not happy.

I looked at my daughter and said, “Where does he live?”

Brandie didn’t want to tell me. I said, “ You know I’ll find him, with or without your help.”

My sister was still trying to figure out what was going on.

Brandie said she was going with me, that she didn’t trust me to go alone. I just turned around and headed out to the car.

We got to Bret’s apartment, and I knocked very loudly on the door. Bret opened the door. I looked at him and very quietly said, “I want to see my granddaughter.” (I get very quiet when I’m totally pissed.)

He stood aside and I walked in. I heard him ask Brandie if this was a planned visit and she shook her head.

The GF was sitting on the couch, and my granddaughter was laying in a porta-crib. I looked at her and saw that my granddaughter had a swollen lip and a bruise on her cheek.

I said, “Who did this to my grandbaby?”

The GF said, “It was an accident”

I jumped across to stand in front of her and I backhanded her. I hit her hard on her cheek. I yelled, “Yeah bitch, I’ve heard about the accident… let’s go!”

The GF jumped up and ran around to the back of the couch. She yelled, “touch me again and I’ll call the police.”

I threw my phone at her and said, “You better dial fast… you’re gonna need it!”

According to my sister, I jumped the couch like I did hurdles when I ran hurdles in high school.

The GF ran into the bedroom and locked the door. I was right behind her.

Bret was standing there with no idea of what was going on. He grabbed my arm and tried to slow me down.

I grabbed him by his shirt and began shaking him. He was standing by the wall so his head was hitting the wall. (Bret is a foot taller than I am.)

I began yelling at him for not taking care of my granddaughter when she was in his care. I then let him know what I thought about how he’d treated my daughter and what I was going to do to him if I EVER got another call. I believe I graphically explained how I’d take his penis and slam it in a window… that’s what I’ve been told I said.

I then stopped, picked up my phone and told Brandie to get my granddaughter that we were leaving.

Bret said, “It’s my weekend with her.”

I turned and glared at him and very quietly said, “Are you that fucking stupid that you’re going to try to challenge me right now? We’ll go to court and I’ll admit to the judge what I did and show him the marks your GF put on my granddaughter.”

He nodded.

Brandie fidgeted and said, “What do I do?”

I sighed and said, “ I believe I said to get my grandbaby.”

My sister and I walked out. As we walked to the car, my sister finally started talking. She said, “Shit Joyce, you hurdled that couch. I was sure you were gonna bust your ass doing that and you kept going without breaking your stride.”

We began laughing. By the time Brandie got to the car with my granddaughter, my sister and I were crying from laughing so hard.

Before y’all want to bash me for violence, I’m aware that what I did was wrong. I’d have gladly gone to jail for it. I’d likely do the same again, but I don’t think I could jump that couch again.

My daughter still tells her friends that I get batshit crazy when it comes to how my kids or grandkids are treated.

My sister still laughs about me jumping the couch and how fast I could move.

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