What is the best day of your life so far?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 21, 2020 04:06 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 21, 2020 04:06 PM

Before going to the best day there is a story behind it.I had a crush in my school time, She was my neighbor too and we were of same cast. We study in same school. She was 2 year younger to me. Lets call her “S”. She was someone i could wait outside her coaching for hours just for a glance. Her charming smile can make me skip my heartbeat. Her voice was something I can die for. She was exceptionally brilliant, and I was totally duffer. She never scored less then 90%, I never scored more then 45%. “S “ was very popular in school where is nobody cares for me.

As any other small town middle class boy I hardly got chance to talk to her. Even when I reach to college I usually go to school for a chance to talk to her. She actually never gave any importance. I always find out ways to come in front of her and tried a lot to talk to her but that never happened. Although she guessed what i am up to, but never turn back, until one fine day …Postman of our area dropped her letter at our home by mistake. Luckily I picked the letter and found her name on envelop. My joy knew no bound that now I can finally go to her house officially. So I checked out timing when her parents are out of house. Both her parents were government servant and in afternoon she is always alone with her younger brother at home after school.

Next afternoon I reached to her house. I ring the bell that sound tring tring. She opened the door and was very surprised to see me there. I handed over the envelop to her and told her that this letter reached our house by mistake of postman. Although my duty was over as soon as I handed over the envelop but since I have something in my mind and taking it as a chance to talk to her so I stayed there only.She opened the envelop saw the letter inside and to my surprise started sobbing. I was dumbstruck. Doesn’t know how to react to this. She was sobbing like a kid and i was clueless. I gather some strength and asked her why she is crying. She said that she scored 92% and she was expecting 96%. Actually that letter was result of State talent search examination. I took the letter from her hand and saw it. She was continuously sobbing and I was not able to do anything for her. When she started being normal I told her that 2 year back when I gave this examination I scored barely 35%, as soon as I told her the same she started smiling and somehow we both ended up laughing about my marks. I asked her that I can get failed 2 -3 times if it can bring smile on her face, and I saw her blushing.That was best day of my life till then, but here it is a twist, It was not best day.

After reaching home I started thinking how brilliant girl she is and I am totally incapable for her. I wanted very best for her and thought that I will be a wrong choice for her, Since she has a bright future waiting for her, where is my future looks dark at that time. After this incident she tried to talk to me few times which I ignored. She left for another city for her higher studies in engineering.Years passed, I got married, she got married, She started living in Bangalore with her husband who is equally qualified and I settled in business in my home town only.

One fine day I was standing outside of my office managing and checking goods last time before deliveries. “S” mother passed by, since I know her as our neighbor I greeted her and invited her in my office. Soon we were in my office and talking about random things over tea.She was happy to see my business growing and suddenly she told me that they consider me as a groom for their daughter “S”. I was surprised. She told me that they wanted to talk to my parents but later realized that since my business was not so good when I just started so “S” father refused it. She said that her daughter lives in Bangalore and she can see her only once in a year or sometime once in two year. If I were her groom she can see “S” more often. I was happy and sad both that time. I told her that even I liked her daughter and told her whole story of going to her home

To my surprise she told me something which left me dumbstruck. She said she already know this story and same is told to her by “S”. Then she said I know this story but what I am going to tell you never know.She said that when they were searching suitable match for “S”. She personally asked “S” if there is someone whom she like or love. Then “S” took my name to her mother and urged mother if something can be worked out. We both were laughing. Her mother took a promise from me that even if now I know it all, it will be between both of us So that was best day of my life.


Thanks for reading.

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