What is the best European airline?

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  1. For intra-european flights, I have had pleasant experiences on Alitalia, Aeroflot, Norwegian, and Wizz. The flights are so short that I don’t mind the lack of amenities and services and appreciate the newer planes operated by Aeroflot and Norwegian in particular. So long as you go into a flight with appropriate expectations you are less likely to be disappointed or surprised. For international long-haul flights, I am biased toward Air France and KLM, both are SkyTeam members and have their own unique aspects of service. I also appreciate the stylish chaos of CDG and the convenient location of AMS. I also never quite understood British Airways or Lufthansa as the former always seems to have impressive queues and the latter seems overpriced by comparison. That and German airports are especially odd in terms of configuration, passport/customs, two steps, on the street.

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