What is the best fabric material for a hoodie? Any reviews?


The best and recommended fabric material for a hoodie:

There are several fabric options for hoodie material and this comes down to climate. I manufacture hoodies for my brand in the UK and I personally use cotton 50% polyester 50%. The reason I use this is that polyester does not crease as much as cotton, holds the shape of the hoodie and brings more durability to the fabric. Polyester also brings warmth to the hoodie along with the breathability of cotton.

I manufacture 400 gsm fabric weight as the UK gets colder in the winter and the thicker fabric is preferred by my customers.

If the climate is warmer, I would opt for 300 gsm fabric using more cotton in the composition, such as 80% cotton 20% polyester.

I use Sugini factory in Thailand to produce my hoodie fabric, cut and stitch, embroider and produce my brand labels, tags. Sugini would be my recommendation for unit cost and neatness.

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