What is the best SEO secret that you know?

Muhammad Zeeshan
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James Charles
- Aug 07, 2019 10:35 AM

Just casually dropping some more value 🙂

Here are the top 5 simplest tips I have on how to drastically increase your SEO ranking (and site traffic) :

#1 Pinterest Love – Literally one of the easiest (and least known) ways to get your site ranking and dominate the google image search index while enjoying an immediate uptick in traffic is Pinterest.

A lot of people vastly under estimate Pinterest, but if you have good imagery or have good content that you can condense into an infographic, your work may get re-pinned for years! Every time that it does, that’s another back link from a TLD, more link juice, and another opportunity to dominate the image search tab with only your content, driving organic traffic from both Pinterest and Google all while boosting your SEO ranking!

#2 Fiverr Press Release – For only $120 you can have someone on Fiverr draft up a press release and push it to PR Newswire which may get your release on dozens to possibly hundreds of websites, all linking back to your site, dominating the news tab with only articles about you and even some of the top search results. While the articles themselves my not directly give you a boost in traffic, their SEO presence will give you trickle traffic over time and boost your overall SEO ranking. Doing frequent press releases and getting featured articles is an easy and simple way to rank above your competitors…

The goal with building up your SEO is to generate more traffic, and focusing only on one avenue (website rankings) is kind of silly when there is so much low hanging fruit, besides building up your presence in these auxiliary search tabs, will boost your overall website rank so it’s a win win (that also yields quicker results)!

#3 Google Store – Google recently got sued for promoting their shopping results over others, but hey that’s good news for you, that means Google loves keeping people within it’s own network. One of the easiest ways you can dominate yet another important piece of real estate and elevate not only your brand but your search engine ranking is to add your product catalogue (even your info products and trip wire PDFs) onto the Google store! Boom!

Now you’re going to be the top search result for what ACTUALLY makes you money even if your website isn’t ranking all that high, but when you do add your catalogue it builds your creditability with Google and thus, higher rankings!

Hell yeah! That’s 3 tabs you’re dominating now!

#4 Youtube Domination – This kind of goes without saying, regardless of what you service you have or what product you sell, there is a way to use video to great organic traffic back to your site. If you have a consulting service, create how to videos and host them up on Youtube. If you have a product, create videos incorporating your product, like for instance if you had a knife set, show awesome knife techniques like cubing avocados or mangos, people love that stuff, and that’ll boost your video to the top of the video tab and create a powerful backlink to boost your website ranking.

Oh and did I mention Google loves when Youtube videos are on your website too? Another video on your website means another outlet for revenue generation for them, it also means you invest a bit more in your content and based on viewership of those videos may indeed have more relevant content, so boom yet another boost to your rankings!

#5 Google Plus – Google Plus is kind of like the flip phone of social media outlets, however antiquated, every tool has it’s uses, in Google Plus’s case, making sure that your business is listed on it, and that your website has a healthy amount of +1’s means that yup, you guessed it, higher rankings.

Creating content on Google Plus is also kind of a hidden gem that a lot of people over look because unlike Facebook which is largely not indexed by Google, Google Plus is, and popular statuses will actually get picked up by our favorite search engine and rank, and if those statuses in some way link back to your business, guess which website is going to get a nice boost to their rankings?

Yup, you guess it – yours! 🙂

Anyway hope you all enjoyed these tips, most of them are genuinely straight forward and simple, but in the end SEO is quite simple, and most people over complicate it.

While everyone is focused on only website rankings, you should focus on all the other outlets everyone is too busy ignoring, and dominate every other tab and use that leverage and opportunity for untapped organic traffic to then build your website ranking, winning the best of both worlds.

Thank you for reading and happy ranking!


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