What is the best vegan 100 grams protein?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 19, 2020 05:26 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 19, 2020 05:26 PM

great answers have already been written, but I’d like to also add my perspective 🙂

I eat ALOT… I’m definitely a volume eater, as I like to keep feeling full during a day at work. I’ll share a typical day with you (even though it’s never exactly the same) and show how I’m always around 100 grams of protein.


60–90 grams rolled oats, cinnamon, cocoa powder, 1TBS chia seeds, almond milk… random toppings after that (puffed quinoa or amaranth, pumpkin seeds…)

Mid-Morning Snack

30 gram Nu3 Chocolate Vegan protein powder shake


500 gram Broccoli, 150 gram spinach, 200 gram mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, medium sweet potato or medium avocado, balsamic, cooked red beets, random toppings (seasonings, seeds)

Afternoon Snack

always different… pumpkin seeds with .6 cup cooked quinoa, banana, bell peppers, clementines, dark chocolate, espresso, apple… whatever I feel like picking up from Aldi that day!


again, always different… 500g baked brussel sprouts with curry salt, paprika, olive oil (change up the seasonings for whichever mood you’re in), peanut butter with oats, baked pumpkin, baked spaghetti squash, zoodles, .5 cup cooked quinoa, .5 cup cooked red lentils, baked eggplant, whole wheat pasta with vegan sauce, chickpea curry with tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach…

These are just some basics I go to when doing something simple during my work week. I used to track my macros with an app, and know this is a way to hit 100 grams. I don’t track my protein intake anymore because I’ve come to just estimate it based off of my previous experiences. I hope this helped and offered a good starting point for you!



You’ll see I stray away from soy, as I’ve experienced it causes me to break out. So, if you’re looking for protein sources outside tempeh, tofu, edamame, etc… I think I’ve kinda figured it out 🙂 Just requires you to eat large volumes (so I hope you like to eat!)

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