What is the best way to promote travel agency?


What is the best way to promote travel agency?

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  1. What is the best way to promote travel agency?
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    Shathyan Raja
    Shathyan Raja, Online Business Consultant
    Answered Feb 12, 2016
    Originally Answered: what is the best way to promote travel agency ?
    Promoting Travel Agency can be done both via Online and Offline. Let me tell you both ways in which you can promote where you can get the Leads for your Business. Because at the end, promoting any business will give you leads but converting the leads into your customer depends on your Product/Service which you offer and the sales pitch to close it.

    Online Promotions :

    1. Have a Website : Yes get a website done for your Business where you can give the details of the Tours and Package and your contact details etc which makes the visitors connect with you if they are interested.

    – You can do SEO for your website to get it ranked in Search Engine also to drive in more traffic.

    2. Create a Facebook Page and be active over there by posting your services and offers with good images which attracts people to like and share and also comment. Make sure you engage with your audience as even from there you can get leads.

    3. Run FB Ads and also Google Ads which can help you to get Leads. Doing better Ad Optimization and right target, you can end up getting a Leads for just 5 Rs also, but it all depends on how optimized your page is.

    Offline Promotions :

    1. Always take care of your initial customers very well. Word of Mouth is the most powerful offline promotions which will help you to get business. So take care of your customers very well and get feedback from them which will help you to improve as a business on what a customer seeks.

    2. Do some local market promotions with banners or pamphlet on crowded places or even in front off some IT Software companies which will surely give you some good leads.

    Always make sure you offer the best price compared to the market. Whatever leads or customers comes to you, at the end they would see the price and confirm it. So have a best competitive pricing for your packages and surely business will be successful.

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