What is the best way to remove carpet stains?

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Muhammad Zeeshan
- Aug 02, 2019 12:00 PM

That’s one of the reasons I do not have carpet. It is really not a good option for anyone’s home unless they never get dirty, and live in a high rise condo. I consider carpet only suitable for homes where there are no children, pets, no one works in the yard, no one participates in sports, no one goes hunting, fishing, camping or rides bikes. Carpets are terrible filthy, even when they look clean. They harbor bacteria, dirt that a vaccum cannot completely reach, pet dander, hair, skin flakes, pollen, and more. My last two homes have been strictly ceramic tile (all but bedrooms) and laminate (bedrooms only). When you clean hard floors, they are truly clean. The best vacuum and shampooing can never get a carpet comepletely clean.

I stopped using carpet when I realized I was allergic to jute, the natural fiber used to create carpet backings. Even if I was not allergic to the backing, an uncarpeted house collects far fewer other allergens.

There are better grade carpets, like Stainmaster that are probably coated with repellants to make them less absorbent, but liquid would still pass through to the padding and soak it, holding whatever was in the liquid.

Sorry I don’t have better news. If you are married, it’s time to convince your spouse (over time if need) that the next replacement should be hard floors. Carpets are being far less used in many homes for all the reasons I gave and more. No one in my husband’s extended family even uses carpets anymore, and they do not have allergies.

Edited to add – when I did have carpet, no food or drink other than water was allowed in any carpeted room- ever. When I was asked to bend the rule, the carpet started getting stains. Never use Resolve to clean carpets. It is extremely toxic, no matter what it says on the container. A number of children across the US have been to the ER from exposure. I research everything!

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