What is the big deal about the new coronavirus, COVID-19?

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  1. Originally Answered: Why is the corona virus such a big deal? Hasn’t it affected a tiny fraction of the flu routinely infects and has similarly mild symptoms?
    ADDED jan 24:

    The city of Wutan, China been quarantined—that’s 11 million people

    10,000 cases estimated, based on numbers reported.

    Pictures are surfacing on social media of some people lliterally dropping dead in the streets. Literally. Dead people lying on the sidewalk.

    Healthy young adults are among the victims.

    This was a “big deal” when the question was asked because scientists recognzed the warning signs, that the disease might become truly deadly. Maybe in the future such warnings will be more respected.


    It has affected a tiny fraction of people because it has just begun. Diseases take time to spread. People in the affected areas are walking around in medical masks and airports are taking the temperature of passengers to catch anyone with a fever and keep them off planes. In today’s global word that will not keep it contained forever, but it has slowed its spread up till now.

    Humans have no immunty to this virus.

    There is no vaccine, though people are racing to develop one.

    The thing to remember is that there is no cure for such a virus. Once people catch it, all one can do is manage symptoms, deal with secondary infections, and hope not to die.

    A deadly epidemic like the Spanish Flu occurs when a viral mutation differs so much from previous strains that no one has any immunity to it. This virus satisfies that condition. Once it spreads worldwide, there is little anyone can do other than treat victims and wait to see which 3/100 die.

    The only way to fight such an epidemic is to get ahead of it. That is what you are seeing. Making a “big deal” now will hopefully head off a global pandemic later.

    By the time it actually looks like a big deal, it will be too late.

    The Spanish Flu killed 50 million people. In all our discussions of treatments, vaccines, contagion, etc, it is important to remember that we are no more able to cure a virus now than we were then. Someday, a virus that deadly will appear again. Paranoia and preparedness are the only things that can save us.

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