What is the biggest lesson that life has taught you?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 21, 2020 04:41 PM

Me : Bhaiya ek amul ki chhaach dena! ( one amul buttermilk please )

Shopkeeper : kitni chahiye? Aadha litre he? Ye lo ( how much do you want? Only 1/2 litre? Yeah, here you go )

Me : kitna hua ( how much should I give you? )

He : 11₹

I was just scrutinizing his honesty & integrity. The MRP of that ‘Amul buttermilk’ was ₹10 but what he apprised me was ₹11 .

I argued.

He was exasperated.

Some other shopkeepers even took his side & I became a laughing stock for many as the amount wasn’t that much big but only carried the difference of 1₹

I soon became vulnerable to those nasty people. Suddenly an idea struck me. I went to my home, wore a jacket which contained a good spacious pocket on one of the sides. I wore that kinda jacket only in order to keep my phone in it. It was done so that I can record a video of that shopkeeper & show it to the consumer rights court in order to stand for my rights.

I again went to him.

Me : ek chhacch dena ( one buttermilk please )

He : apko toh dikaat hai na humse…kahi aur se lijiye aap ( you have a problem with this shop right? Go & take it from somewhere else ) .

Me : muje apki shop se nahi, apki imaandaari se dikkat hai ( your honesty sucks, not your shop 🙂 )

He (irritated) : dekho aap nikal lo yaha se.. Faltu ye chikchik nahi chahiye ( better you leave from here, I don’t want any sort of mess here ) .

Me : accha wah thik hai…ye chhaach kitne ki de rahe ho, ye toh bata do . ( okay fine, I’ll go, but before that at least tell me the price of this buttermilk you are selling .)

He : Samaj nahi aata kya saahab apko…11₹ bol diya na ek baar. ( don’t you have an understanding or what? It’s 11 ₹ , for how many times I should be telling you this? )

Me : Par bhaiya, jab MRP he 10₹ ki hai, toh aap 11₹ kaise le sakte ho ( but uncle, when the MRP itself is of ₹10, then how can you sell this product at 11 )

He : Chhacch freeze me rehti hai.. Uska Bill bhi toh aata hai na mere malik. ( we shopkeepers keep this buttermilk & dairy products inside the refrigerators. Who’ll going to add the bill for this? )

Me : ha toh ek kaam karo, dukaan mai AC lagva lo. Fir 11 ₹ ke jagah 20 ₹ mai bechna ( yeah so do one thing, have a connection of air conditioners too, then sale your products at 20 ₹ instead of faking it at 11 )

He ( aggressively) : Nikal lo yaha se, kahi aur se le lo na agar aisa he hai toh…faltu mere se behes mat karo. ( If you aren’t comfortable with my services, better you look for another shop. Don’t mess with me here, I don’t want any kind of debate here. )

Me : Chalo jaa raha hoon mai…par apne ghar nahi, apka license raddhh karwane consumer court. Ye dekho…ye raha mera mobile, video ban raha tha apka. ( I took off my phone from my jacket’s above side pocket & informed him that it was the video recording which was going on since last few minutes & even warned him that if he doesn’t accept his own mistake, I would be filing his complaint in the consumer court.

He : Apke jo karna hai, aap kar lo ( do whatever you want to do, I Don’t care. )

I submitted his video recording to the consumer court to which later he even got a warning letter from the judge. He was even invited to the court for his dishonesty & abusive behavior towards the consumers. Lastly, he accepted his mistake & was fined a good amount of money from the court.

What I want to tell you is that always stand for your rights, no matter what. Always speak & stand for the truth .

Here in the story, the issue was not about the 1 ₹ but the dilemma was all about his deceit & falsity.

So yeah, one thing which life has taught me so far is respecting your own rights. Why to bear pain when you already have medicines?

Whether it’s ₹ 1 or ₹ 1 lakh, it doesn’t matter. What actually matters is how honest & determined you are with your business.

*edits / suggestions are always welcomed.



Edit 1 : Some people are questioning me about my action & why I did that with the so called ‘fellow poor’. Lemme tell you that justice doesn’t care about your status. It treats everyone equally, no matter how rich or powerful or how poor & malnourished you are. So it was necessary for me to complain. I repeat – the dilemma was not all about the 1 ₹ , the issue was all about his nasty behavior towards consumers. And secondly, you have the right to complain against the injustice happening to you. Be it mc’donalds, subways or even a simple ‘doodh wala’. People mostly judge an individual according to his/her Income level, cast, gender. Please be aware of your rights.

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