What is the biggest ‘no no’ thing in war?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 31, 2020 12:06 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 31, 2020 12:06 PM

Dumdum bullets were illegal and British troops who had these were executed by their German captors during the invasion of France. Yet at least two British units were found with these on them, regular bullets with the tips cut off, so that they wold tumble on impact causing worse wounds.

But the biggest no no is generally something that actually hurts you more than it hurts your enemy when you do it.

During the Battle of the Bulge some German units were massacring prisoners. Some Germany officers protested this on the basis of how wrong it was, others pointed out that this just pushed the Americans to fight even more despertly, thus hindering their efforts and in the end, the massacres were stopped.

During the middle ages it was a no no to strike at the horse of an enemy, but, it was also quite practical. You see, as you are striking at his horse, will he not be able to strike at you, with your shield down to see and your sword stuck in horse flesh you leave your own neck open to attack and thus this rule was usually followed.

I honestly wish I could say that no nos are always based upon what is right, but all too often, during war, they are based upon what is practical.

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