What is the cargo capacity of a large cargo ship?


What is the cargo capacity of a large cargo ship?

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  1. There are lots of different types of cargo ship, as lots of people are probably about to tell you 🙂

    Most people think “container ship” when they think of a cargo ship, there are some people here who know a lot more about those than I do so I’ll leave that to them –

    The type I mainly deal with are RoRo vessels (also called “car carriers” but they carry a lot more than just cars) – the cargo is generally loaded by driving it up a ramp into the ship, just like a car ferry but a whole lot bigger (I think the example below has 9 decks, a 5 metre high door, and a ramp capacity of 150 tonnes – as ships like this are how most of the world’s heavy equipment – think bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks, that sort of thing – gets moved around)

    Cargo space is given in CEU for these (“car equivalent units), and in the case of the one below, the Hoegh Transporter, it’s capacity is 6500 CEU – it has space for 6500 cars, basically.

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