What is the castewise population in Pakistan?


What is the castewise population in Pakistan?

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  1. In Punjab the largest caste is Jat, followed by Arain, Rajput, Baloch, Awan, Gujjar, Pathan etc. Together these tribes form majority of Punjab’s population. While the Christians are mostly converts from Chuhras who were considered untouchables in Hindu caste sytem

    In Sindh they are mainly Sumra, Saman, Baloch, some Hindu communities like Lohana, Maheshwari, Dalits etc.

    In KPK the major caste is Pathan, followed by Awans ,Gujjars ,Hazaras, Jats etc.

    In Balochistan there are three main tribes- Baloch, Pathan and Brahui, while some smaller communities are Syed, Makrani, Lasi, Gurkhas etc.

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