What is the cause of technology?

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Mudassir Ali
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We spend all day looking at screens: mobile, computer – personal and work – TV, tablet, GPS, ATM. And it’s increasingly difficult to calculate (and limit) the time dedicated to these screens. The intrusion of social networks into our lives doesn’t help either . We spend hours checking our Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. We use WhatsApp constantly. “Concerns about the damage done by spending too much time on screen – especially using social media – have increased,” says Amy Orben, who investigates the effects of social media on human relations at Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

The health hazards of new technologies

Do not abuse good things. Technology is certainly very useful for keeping in touch with our loved ones, but you have to think about disconnecting from time to time. Intensive use of these new technologies has adverse effects on our physical and mental health. Which ? What are the dangers of technology for our health? How to avoid them? Love IntelligenceĀ® makes the point for you.


New technologies are slowly changing our brains. Many studies have shown that technology affects our mental and physical health.

The increasing use of new technologies is not without impact on health, especially when there is misuse. From texting-related thumb pain to sleep disorders to addiction, here are some “technology diseases” and tips to avoid them.

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