What is the closest the US has come to complete collapse?

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  1. My favorite movies of all times is ‘Doctor Zhivago,’ and I love ‘Gone With the Wind.’ I’d love to play some Southern belle or something where I owned a plantation.

  2. Political and Economic collapse?

    The years of the articles of confederation fit this bill and provide a vivid example of what would actually happen if some of the more quixotic libertarian ideas were ever implemented (always a good point to bring up: we evolved from libertarianism, completely due to it’s comprehensive failure to solve particular pressing problems until the government stepped in).

    Anyways, the US government’s inability to tax led to hyperinflation and it’s bills in arrears. Shay’s Rebellion sprung up and the government was powerless to put it down, so a private army put it down (gee, we really missed our libertarian opportunity for rampant warlordism, darn!)

    The US was close to dissolution until Alexander Hamilton and other advocates of a strong government stepped in and convinced Washington the US needed a new constitution. These “big-governemnt advocates” save the US from being economically strangled in the crib by doctrinaire libertarian policies.

    The Civil War would be the next closest thing, but the Union was never really that close to defeat. Look at a map with a timeline of battles over the entire country. The Union was winning more battles from the get-go, albeit mostly in the West at first. According to the Ananconda plan the West was the decisive theater, so keeping Washington DC safe and Lee busy was good enough in the East.

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