What is the complete treatment procedure for a COVID-19 or a corona virus patient?

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  1. Originally Answered: What are the remedies of the COVID-19/Corona virus?
    Numerous treatments are available to treat the symptoms of the virus. The greatest problem is with inflammation of the lungs and excessive fluid production that will affect breathing and may cause pneumonia.

    Educate yourself. Use official sources CDC is probably the best source of reliable information. This is what the CDC is for. And why the CDC is important.

    There are no cures for the virus. You can have treatments to reduce your symptoms until your body overcomes the infection itself.

    Prevention is the best remedy.

    Some antiviral drugs are available, but there may not be enough to treat everyone. And most people can not afford them. They will not kill the virus but may reduce the severity of symptoms.

    Heat and sunlight may be helpful. Possibly using a sauna may kill a lot of the viruses.

    Handwashing and hygiene is the most important activity to help prevent infection. Use paper towels to dry your hands. Learn how to wash your hands effectively. And maintain effective hygiene.

    Prevention is the best option.

    Health carers will help manage the serious symptoms until your body overcomes the virus. They will help maintain effective breathing.

    There are numerous alternative treatments that you can try. But none are guaranteed. Watch out for people trying to scam you and sell products for excessive costs.

    Live a healthy lifestyle. Eat a balanced diet and exercise. The exercise does not need to be excessive. Do it as you can tolerate it.

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