What is the conclusions on stock exchange?


What is the conclusions on stock exchange?

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  1. When you are asked by your Mom to buy some stuff, you decide instantly where you should go and do your purchase. Because you need a particular market/mall/shop to help you buy your stuff.

    The same logic goes with Stock market, suppose you have done a research on a company and want to buy some shares of the same. You need to come to stock exchange (market place in the above example), they will facilitate you to buy and sell the shares. They charge a commission for this facility. The best part is you don’t need to go anywhere, you can do it online.

    Companies also use this facility, whereby they list their shares in the exchange and find buyers for their shares. Exchange charges commission from them too.

    In a layman language, its a market place, where it helps 2 prospective parties do their transaction and it charges from them.

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